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Monday, April 27, 2009


Lineup for Sat.
10:00 #203 "When I Grow Up" Jr. Elite be there @ 9:00
10:02 #202 "Hey Ya" Extreme Elite be there @ 9:00
10:23 "London Bridges" Sr. Co. be there @ 9:30
10:45 #226 "Ladies Choice" Jr. Company be there @ 9:45
11:09 #235 "Disturbia" Jr. Company be there @ 10:00
11:39 #240 "Shorty Get Loose" Jr. Company
2:48 #264 "The Way I Are" Sr. Elite be there @ 1:45
Sr. Company I will get your time this afternoon there was a mistake SORRY:(

Please be completly ready, and on time!!!!!
Double check all items.

Competion is on Sat. May 2nd at Kearns High School. I will send home wristbands this week, if your daughter forgets hers I will bring them Sat.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


June 1st dress rehearsal 6:30 Hunter High School. Recital June 2nd Hunter High 6:30.


Roy High School 2150 W. 4800 So.


"Raining Men" 10:12 #5 (Jr. Elite)
"Broken Glass" 10:51 #14 (Sr. Elite)
"Chasing Cars" 11:09 #19 (Sr. Elite)
"When I Grow Up" 11:30 #26 (Jr. Elite)
"Vogue" 11:33 #27 (Sr. Co.)
"Never Saw Blue" 12:06 #38 (Extreme Elite)
"The Way I Are" 12:21 #43 (Sr. Elite)
"Footprints In The Sand" 2:26 #65(Jr. Elite)
"Let Er Rip" 2:35 #68 (Extreme Elite)
"Any Other World" 2:48 #72 (Sr. Elite)
"London Bridges" 3:07 #77 (Sr. Co.)
"Shake It" (Hey Ya) (Extreme Elite) 3:25 #83
"With Or Without You" 3:49 #91 (Sr. Elite)

All dances in the Gym.
Be there 1 hour prior to your dances, COMPLETELY READY!!!!
Awards begin at 4:45, our dressing room is GYM #1 Girls Locker room. Don't forget Warm ups.

Monday, April 6, 2009

St. George Pictures

If you have any St. George pictures please e-mail them to me A.S.A.P. Thanks



Shelby Silver - queen
Tanesha Bland (Jazz)- Queen
Tanesha Bland - (Lyrical) Queen
Brinley Butterfield - Queen
Hailey Bennett - 2nd Attendant
Lauren Bagley - Queen
Hannah Clyde - Queen
Ashley Lindquist - Queen (Overall Hi Point Queen)
Abbie Liddell - 3rd Attentant
Jessica Jendryka - 2nd Attendant
Jessica Haslip - 2nd Attendant


Tanesha Bland, Shelby Silver -Queen (Overall hi point Queen)


Victoria Young, Maddison Weidauer, Taylor Spencer -1st attendant
Kylie Terry, Alyssa Robinson, Natalie Barker - Queen


Jr Company- Hip Hop - 3rd Place
Extreme Elite- Hip Hop 1st Place ( overall Grand Champion Amateur Intermediate)
Jazz 1st Place
Jr. Elite- Hip Hop 1st Place
Jazz 1st Place
Sr. Company - jazz "Vogue" 1st Place (Overall 2nd Place Intermediate)
jazz "Just Dance" (Overall 1st Place Intermediate)
Hip hop - 1st (Overall Grand Champion Intermediate)
Sr. Elite- jazz 2nd Place
Hip Hop - 1st (Overall Hi Point Advanced)

You all did AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! 7 overalls WHAT!This is the best we have ever done at a Competition, we had great studios to compete against, big categories, you girls blew me away!
Let's keep it up. Keep practicing. St. George was a blast. Thanks again:)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

St. George Competition Times

Friday April 3rd-

"Ladies Choice" 4:10 p.m. Auditorium be there by 3:45 completely ready!
"Disturbia" 4:30 p.m. Auditorium be there by 3:45 completely ready!

Saturday April 4th-

Be there 1 hour prior to your dance READY! Don't forget warm ups!

"Hey Ya" 10:36 #215
"Broken Glass" 11:14 #234
"When I Grow Up" 11:22 #235
"Vogue" 1:18 #255
"Let Er' Rip" 1:26 #256
"The Way I Are" 2:11 #273
"London Bridges" 2:08 #274
"Its Raining Men" 2:36 #284
"Just Dance" 2:57 #290
"Shorty Get Loose" 3:00 #291


I talked with Champion Productions we will have the line up today:) I will post as soon as I get them, sorry it took so long I needed to make alot of changes with there line up. I will also post directions to the school.


Jr. Co. costumes- Jazz-:Pink Polka dot top, pink hot pants, tights, footundeez.
Hip Hop: black pants, hoodie, white tennis shoes

Jr. Elite costumes- Jazz: Pink and leopard unitard, tights, footundeez. (I will bring umbrellas) Hip Hop: hoodie, black pants, white tennis shoes

Extreme Elite costumes- Jazz: red unitard, skirt, boot spats, tied shirt, tights, gore boots.
Hip Hop: hoodie, white capris, white tennis shoes

Sr. Co. costumes- Jazz: yellow polka dot unitard, tie, tights, leg warmers, footundeez
Hip Hop: hoodie, black pants, black converse
Just dance: black hot pants, black halter, leg warmers, black baggy halter

Sr. Elite costumes- Jazz: turquoise, bronze, or silver unitard, tights, leg warmers, footundeez
Hip Hop: hoodie, black pants, black converse
Just Dance: black hot pants, black halter, leg warmers, black baggy halter.

DO NOT FORGET YOUR WARM UPS!!!!!!!!!! These must be worn at awards:)