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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Maximum Dance Competition dates :)

April 14th Aspire dancePro (Salt Lake County)
May 5th (vegas) Dance Spectacular
May 19th Nationals Aspire dance Pro (Salt Lake County

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Recital info! :)

Safety pin all halter costumes!
Checklist for 3-5 year olds
Morning- Red tutu, red hair bow, black tights, black ballet shoes
Afternoon- Pink, black tutu dress, pink hair bow, black tights, black ballet shoes
Hair for both classes- half up curly with hair piece

Checklist for comp teams
All Teams- Tan tights (footless) Footundeez.
Hair- Bubble bangs, half up, and STRAIGHT
Makeup- performance

Lil Peanuts Production costume- Black tights, white gloves, foot spats, leotard

Tiny Divas-
Jazz- Black, Red tutu, choker, gloves, red hair flower
Hip Hop- black long sleeve shirt, pink sparkle top, black capri, black converse
Lil Peanuts Production costume

Divas 1-
Jazz- red, black, silver tutu, choker, gloves, red hair flower
Hip Hop, Black sweats, baby blue, hoodie, black converse
Lil Peanuts Production costume

Divas 2-
Jazz- blue dress, apron
Lil Peanuts Production costume
Hip Hop- black sweats, royal blue hoodie, black converse

Pre Elite-
Jazz- black, siver tutu, silver hair piece (this needs to be super glued on)
Hip Hop- Blue jacket, silver sparkle sports bra, black sweats, silver converse
Production costume boy, or girl, tutu if girl

Jazz- Black, red white, with glove mits
Hip Hop- Red jacket, sparkly sports bra, black sweats, silver converse
Production costume boy, or girl, tutu if girl

Sr. Co. 1&2-
 Jazz – tutu black leo, black sports bra, black hot pants, black gloves
Hip Hop- purple sports bra, black sweats, white shirt, combat boot
Lyrical- brown halter (saftey pin), cream top
Production costume boy, or girl, tutu if girl

Sr. Elite-
Jazz- coral shrug, and glove mit, black unitard, black skirt
Hip Hop- royal blue shirt, black sports bra or tank, black leggings, combat boots
Lyrical- pink dress (Safety pin if needed) maroon hot pants
Production costume boy, or girl tutu if girl

Are you sick of missing your daughters’ dances because of recording??? Problem solved ;)
We will be having a professional videographer.
His name is Byrin and he works for ABC. He will be recording the dress rehearsal as well. 
Videos can be purchased for $18.
Please write checks out to Maximum Dance.

Any question email me @
Thanks Taralee

Friday, December 2, 2011


Schedule for December:
Mon Dec. 5th
5-9p.m. Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. Co, Sr. Elite Practice @ the Studio
Dads Dance Practice 9-9:45p.m. @ the studio

Tues Dec. 6th
6-7:30 p.m.Tiny Divas, Divas 1, and 2.
7:30-9 p.m. Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. Co, Sr. Elite
3-5 year olds do NOT come to this practice, regular class will be held this day!

Checklists for each girls costumes, hair,  makeup, and accessories will be sent home this day, will also post on blog Tues.

Wed. Dec. 7th 
6-9p.m. All dancers (3-5 year olds stay from 6-7)  Practice held at North Star Academy

Thurs. Dec. 8th
DRESS REHEARSAL 6-8:30p.m. @ North Star Academy

Fri Dec. 9th 
7:00p.m. Recital held at Hunter High School (be there @ 6:00 completely ready)

Comp. dates will be posted Dec. 15th.
$80 installment (Comp. fees) due for Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. Co. Sr. Elite Dec. 15th
Dance will resume January 2nd:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Sock Exchange Party!!!!

Our annual Christmas Sock Exchange Party has been changed to Sat. Dec. 3rd from 3-5 p.m. @ north Star Academy. If your last name begins with A-L Please bring a dessert, last name beginning with M-Z please bring chips, dip, or snack to share. Please bring a pair of fun, cute socks to exchange! see you all there:)

Friday, November 18, 2011


Thursday, November 3, 2011


Extra Practice Schedule for November/December:

North Star Academy address 2920 W 14010 South (Extra Practices)
Hunter High School 4200 South 5600 West (Recital)

"Lil Peanuts" Production Practice schedule:
Sat. Nov 5th 10-12 @ North Star Academy
Sat Nov 12th 10-12 @ the studio
"Mad House" Production Practice schedule:
Sat. Nov 5th 1-3 @ North Star Academy
Sat. Nov. 12th 1-3 @ North Star Academy

There will be no classes held from Thurs Nov.24th-Thurs. Dec1st
The reason for this is, I will be holding class for the first week in Dec. and will not be charging tuition in Dec..... and of course Thanksgiving!

-Mon. Dec. 5th 5-9 p.m. Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. Co's, Sr. Elite @ the studio
-Tues. Dec. 6th 6-9 p.m. All teams @ North Star Academy (3-5 year olds will not come to this rehearsal we will have regular scheduled class 11-11:45, and 3-3:45 @ the studio)
-Wed. Dec. 7th 6-9 p.m. All teams @ North Star Academy (3-5 year olds come from 6-7 p.m.)
-Thurs Dec. 8th Dress rehearsal @ North Star Academy, bring costumes we will hold a full dress rehearsal (makeup and hair required) 6-8:30
-Our Recital is Friday December 9th @ Hunter High School @ 7:00 p.m. "Nightmare Before Christmas" (Girls need to be completely ready and arrive at the school @ 6:00)
Recital fee is $15 per dancer, this is due Nov. 21st, the admission into the recital is free. I know this is alot of preparation, but I have more students and want the Recital to run smoothly! I think you will be very impressed with the dancers, I've been thrilled. We have the most beautiful, and hard working girls, and boy. (Wesley)

Payment schedule:
There will be no tuition in December however there is a $80 instalment due Dec. 15th for Comp. fees for (Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. Co. Sr. Elite)

 Our annual Christmas Party will be Friday Dec. 2nd 7-9:30 place TBD, please bring something to share, last name beginning with A-L bring dessert, last name beginning with m-z bring chips, or snack. I will provide drinks and, utensils. More info coming soon.

Solos- I will only be doing solos in December, so please get in touch with me and schedule a time. Solos $125, this includes 2, 1 hour sessions, cut music, any time needed after that $30 an hour.

I will be selling some darling dance clothes, and parent hoodies, and shirts just in time for Christmas I will send order forms home:)

Yup you heard me.... it's time!
Practice schedule:
Mon. Nov. 14th, Tues. Nov. 15th 9:30-10:15
Mon. Nov 21st 9:30-10:15
Mon. Dec. 5th 9-10p.m.
Please come to at least 2 practices!! I love the dads dance, who am I kidding EVERYONE DOES!!!
Be there or be square. All practices are @ the studio.

I can not Thank you all enough for dancing at Maximum! I love your girls, and Boy;) so much. Any question or concerns please email me
Love, Taralee :0)

Monday, October 3, 2011

October Newsletter!

Hello everyone, it's time for pumpkins, and fall weather.... and time to come record  your daughters dances ;) Please come the end of class next week. The last 15 min.

SR. ELITE ONLY-No dance - Fri. Oct. 7th (Ballet/Flexibility)

No classes will be held over UEA weekend Thurs, and Fri, Oct. 20th, and 21st. Enjoy your long weekend.

No Dance Oct. 31st Happy Halloween!

Extra Practice schedule for Oct. and Nov.
Sat. Oct. 8th 10-12 DIVAS 2 ONLY
Sat. Oct 8th 1-3 Reteaching "Mad House" if you were not at the workshop in July you must be here to learn this, I will not be holding another practice. Bring your $50 workshop fee if you are learning it for the 1st time. All girls please come refresh your memory, we have a lot more to learn and I will not be going over this dance in class.

November extra practice dates:
"Lil Peanuts" Production
Sat. Nov. 5th 10-12
Sat. Nov. 12th 10-12

"Mad House" Production
Sat. Nov. 5th 1-3 p.m.
Sat. Nov. 12th 1-3 p.m.

Items that need to be purchases for comp..... (discussed@ Parent Meeting)
Eye shadow - Maybelline "Silver Lining" #235s
Lipstick- Cover girl outlast "Berry blast" #245
Tights- tan footless
Hair- Bubble bang, slicked half up pony, hair straight
Shoes: Tiny Divas Divas 1, Divas2- Jazz, footundeez, Hip Hop- Black low top Converse
Pre Elite, Elite- Jazz, Lyrical Footundeez, Hip Hop $30 due by Oct.10th 
Sr. Co 1$2, Sr. Elite, Jazz, Lyrical Footundeez, Hip Hop, $42 due this week

CHRISTMAS RECITAL FRIDAY DECEMBER 9th @ 7:00 p.m. @ Hunter High School, be there and ready @ 6:00 p.m.

 Our dances are coming along great, could not be happier, please have your daughter practicing @ home:)
Love you all Taralee :0)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Dance has begun, and I'm loving it, welcome back!!! 
We will be having a 15 min. parents meeting the following days and times:

Tiny Divas- Tues Sept.13th 4:45-5:00
Divas 1&2 -Tues Sept. 13th 7:15-7:30
Sr co. 1 &2- Wed. Sept 14th 9:15-9:30
Sr. Elite- Thurs. Sept. 15th 9:15-9:30
Pre Elite, & Elite- Mon. Sept. 19th 9:15-9:30

We will discuss everything you will need to purchase for Comp. and performances = hair, makeup, shoes, tights, studio pictures, Recitals, Competitions. :) If you cannot make it I will send home a packet, and put all info on Blog!

3-5 year olds, need to purchase Blacked FOOTED tights, and Black ballet shoes.

Tuition is due by the 7th of each month, Competition girls must wear pink footed tights, pink ballet shoes, black leo to ballet.

So excited to start another amazing year!
Thanks {>Taralee:0)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fall Schedule and info!

3-5 year olds info scroll down
Info for Tiny Divas, Divas 1&2, Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. Co. 1&2 Sr Elite:
Welcome back dancers, and parents I'm excited to start dance this year! The following info is important for the next dance season please read all info

I will be holding a brief parents meeting in every class the first week of Sept. more info coming soon.
I will update blog by the 5th of each month, check the blog EVERY month.

Dance will begin Thurs. Aug 18th. (No dance Labor Day)
I need to have all installments paid by Aug 18th!!! If they are not caught up in full. I'm sorry but your daughter cannot dance this year. I have been to nice in the past and has left me scrounging up payments after they are past due. Leaving me stressed and upset. I WILL NOT pay for your daughters costumes this year. I will not even do a late payment on fees. Your daughter will simply not dance.

Also DO NOT park in my drive way or the front of my house. You must park on the west side of my house on River Heights Dr. NO EXCEPTIONS! It has been a major safety issue with parents almost running into my neighbors cars, and hitting kids!

You may come and watch your daughters last class of the night the last 15 min. of class, the first week of the month.

Tuition is due by the 7th of each month, or $5 late fee (add this on or it will be returned to you) if tuition is not received by the 15th, your daughter will not be able to participate in class.

Parents if you have questions or concerns email me or you may text me.

Ballet attire- your daughter must have pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and black leo. If she does not come dressed she will stretch the whole class.
Hip Hop- bring tennis shoes.
Hair must be pulled up in all classes.
I will be selling dance clothes at a discounted price if you are interested.

Do not come upstairs in my house for any reason, I have had a few issues with moms trying to come upstairs.
Solos- If you are interested I will be doing most of these in December.
There will be no dance in December meaning no tuition:)  But there will be another installment due in Dec.
Recital will be the first week of December. Date TBA
Recital fees $15 per girl (do not pay this now)

Fees due by Aug. 18th
Tiny Divas, Divas 1&2-with out production $150
With Production $250
June $100 (with prod) $75 (without)
July $100" $75
Aug $50 or $0

Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. So. 1&2, Sr. Elite  fees due $350
June $100
July $100
Aug $150

Fall Schedule begins Thurs. Aug 18th.

4:30-9:30 Elite/ Pre Elite

4-5 Tiny Divas
5-7:30 Divas 1/Divas 2
7:30-9:30 Ballet/Jazz Technique Sr. Elite/Sr. So

5-6:30 Pre Elite/Elite Jazz/Ballet Technique
6:30-9:30 Sr. Co

4-9:30 Sr. Elite

2-3 Tiny Divas Ballet/Flexibility
3-4 Divas1 &2 Ballet/Flexibility
4:15-5:15 Pre ELite/Elite
5:15-6:15 Sr. Co. Sr. Elite

Tiny Divas $25
Divas1&2 $30
Pre Elite, Elite Sr. Co 2 $50
Sr. Co. $45
Sr. Elite $55

Tuition Prices for 2011-2012
Tiny Divas $50
Divas 1&2 $60
Pre Elite $100
Elite $100
Sr. Co. $90
Sr. Co. 2 $100
Sr. ELite $110

INFO FOR 3-5 year olds class:)
Class will begin Tues. September  6th
If you have not filled out Registration papers they will be sent home at this time, please return them A.S.A.P.
Costume fee of $70 will be due Sept. 6th.
Class times: Tues morn 11-11:45 and Tues. afternoon 3-3:45

Parents will only be allowed to stay and observe class the first Tues. of the month.
The 3-5 yr olds will perform at our Christmas, and Spring recital.

Our Recitals will be in December (beginning of month) and April (end of month)
Your daughter will need black ballet shoes, and black tights for there recitals.

There will be no dance in December so no tuition:)
Recital fees are $15 due in Nov. and April. (do not pay this til then) I will let you know the dates these are due.
Please send your daughter in Dance attire, and take her potty before class:)

Tuition $25
I'm so excited to teach your little ones, thanks for trusting me with these little sweeties!
Please email me with any questions you may have
Thank you Taralee=o)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoyng your summer! I love the sunshine:0) wish it would last all year. A few reminders. about Productions, and installments. Parents I need these ASAP to get costumes ordered.

Reminder: Production "Mad House" workshop is Wed.-Fri. July 6-8th from 4-8 p.m. (Elite, Pre Elite, Sr Co. 1&2, Sr. Elite) Do not be late, if you can not be there text me and I will schedule another day for you to learn it.
Cost $50.

Reminder: Production "Lil Peanuts" for (Tiny divas, Divas 1&2)
July 19th, 20th 4-6 p.m.
Cost $25

Also last summer technique session for Thurs. class (July 7th) has been moved to Tues July 12th from 4:30-6:30!

INSTALLMENTS (Elite, Pre. ELite, Sr. Co. 1&2. Sr. Elite)
Parents you need to get your installments in!
June 15th $100 OVERDUE
July 15th $100
Aug 15th $150

INSTALLMENTS(Tiny Divas, Divas1&2)
without Production
June 15th $75 OVERDUE
July 15th $75

with Production
June 15th $100 OVERDUE
July 15th $100
Aug 15th $50

Fall schedule begins Aug 17th
Tuition just for Aug.
Tiny Divas $25
Divas 1&2 $30
Pre Elite $50
Elite $50
Sr. Co. $45
Sr. Co. 2 $50
Sr. Elite $50


3-5 year olds begin Tues. Sept 6th
Tuition $25
Costume fee $65 due Sept 6th
I will be sending out email with all info in July.

I will be having a Parents meeting, and get to know you  BBQ, Aug 13th.... more info coming soon.
Thanks Taralee:)

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Pre Elite (intermediate level)
1-Taylor Spencer
2- Sinead Stoyle
3- Jadyn Larsen
4-Taylor Cutler
5-Maura Hunt
6- Madison Harris
7- Karli Mecham
8- Quincey Foster
9- Abby West
10-Karli Wheatly
11-Hailey Oswald
12- Jadyn Roylance
13-Sadie Blake (WPL)
14- Macey Harris (WPL)
15- Brooklyn Richards (WPL)
16- Jenna Morill (WPL)

Elite(Adv. /Int. level)
1-Ashley Lindquist
2- Aidyn Eldredge
3-Tiffany Christiansen
4- Olivia Almond
5- Aubrey Hunt
6- Victoria Young
7- Elle Liddell
8- Chloee Lowrance
9- Kennedy Gunn
10-Mackinley Cannon
11- Hannah Mchlaclan
12-Lauren Bagley
13- Brinley Butterfield
14- Hailey Bennett
15-Sadie Briggs
16-Brielle Bennett

Sr. Co. (int. level)
1-Staci King
2-Madison Pitcher
3- Jenny Eaton
4- Madison Eackle
5-Sydnee Snelton
6- Alicia Benson
7-Jenna Acomb
8- Kaylie Johnson
9- Hailey Howe

Sr. Co. 2 (int./adv. level)
1- Kylee Terry
2-Natalie Barker
3- Ashley Livingston
4- Jocelynn Scott
5- Bailey Summers
6- Brooke Heaps
7- Shaeleigh Stoyle
(NEW CLASS ....Sr. Co. 2 will come the same time as Sr. Co. but will also come Thurs.  7:30-9:30)
Tuition $100.

Sr. Elite (Adv. level)
1- Kenzie Muterspaugh
2- Emily Peterson
3- Abbi Liddell
4- Alyssa Bagley
5- Paige Franks
6- Jaycee Pymm
7- Hannah Scott
8- Marlee Bruderer
9- Ashley Hortin (sorry I missed you)

Pre Elite- $100
Elite- $100
Sr. Co.- $90
Sr. Co.2- $100
Sr. Elite- $110

Try outs were amazing, I've never started a year with such talent! Deciding on classes was tough, but I know the girls will be happy where they have been placed. Our studio is growing, and is completely FULL!;)

I'm going to be renting another studio close by and will be adding Ballet, and Technique classes, as well as a non competition team. More info coming soon.

We have a few gymnastic teachers that will be doing private lessons, if this is something you are interested in call me.

I will be adding off track technique classes during the day, and private lessons.
I'm doing solos now if you are interested they are $125, call me to set up time:) Would like to get them done this summer.

We will be doing a BBQ and parents meeting in Aug. I'll get this figured out and give you at date A.S.A.P.
See you at Summer technique next week, or at
Production July 6th,7th,and 8th 4-8 p.m. cost $50.
Again THANK YOU THANK YOU, for choosing Maximum Dance!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Results! :)

Wow darling girls, and BOY (yay)!!!! Is all I can say.
Tiny Divas(amateur)
1-Adeline Devany
3-Charlee Bishop
4-Ashlyn Johnson
5-Mia Angeletti
6-Paige Bengtzen
7-Riley Elierts
8-Sloane Booth
9-Emma Ladue
10-Hailey Nygard
11-Emme Clegg
12- Wesley Hunt :)
Divas 1(amatuer)
1-Reagan Stott
2-Amanda Lindquist
3-Sophi Lewis
4-London Nordick
5-Brindee Bennett
6-Ashlyn Smith
7-Taylor Willden
8-Kennedy Johnson
9-Taya Olsen
10-Morgan Eldredge
11-Alayna Pulley
12-Lexi Wheatley
13-Halle Almond
14-Halee Mecham
15- Kylee Kener
Divas  (amatuer/intermediate)
1-Chloee Lowrance
2-Cambree Bennett
3-Victoria Welker
4-Belle Young
5-Mckenzie Harris
6-Brinley Wittke
7-Halle West
8-Madi Davis
9-Riley Peterson
10-Logan Eldredge
11-Cierra Perschon
12-Thailee Gunn
13-Harlee Mclachlan
14-Hallie Lowrance
15-Alexis Shaver
16-Halle Hathaway
17-Abbie Young
Try outs were awesome I'm so excited to start teaching these little ones! Thanks for choosing Maximum:)
See you all at Registration this Tues-Thurs 4-5:30.
There is a technique class this June for Tiny Divas, Divas1, and Divas2.
1 hour Ballet, 1  hour Jazz technique.
Starting June 16th-July7th. Thurs from 4:30-6:30. cost $50.
Sign up at Registration.
Tuition Prices:
Tiny Divas- $50
Divas 1- $60
Divas 2- $60
Competition fees (scroll down)
Thanks Taralee
Email me with any questions

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Auditions for 2011-2012 Competition teams

Auditions for 6-8 year olds is Monday June 6th from 4-5:30. Audition fee $5 (due at registration)
Registration for all students are June 7th, 8th, and 9th from 4-5:30. (I will be finished @ 5:30 each night so please come 15 min before) $10 registration fee, make sure your daughter is present, I need to get her measurements.
Auditions for 9 years and up will be Sat. June 11th from 10-1. Audition fee $10 (due at registration)
Tuition, and Competition fees are posted a few posts down.
Also summer technique schedule is down a few posts. You will need to sign up for this at registration:)
See you all this week, so excited for all our new and returning students.
Thanks Taralee

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pictures today:)

Hi, we will be doing team pictures at the studio next Fri. May 27th. (No Flexibility class)
Do not be late for pictures!!!!! We will start at the following times so be 15 min early:)

Do NOT park in front of my house or in front of my neighbors homes, park in my drive way, or on River Heights drive. CAUTION: DO NOT PARK BY FIRE HYDRANT! Cops have been giving out tickets.
Your Team's scheduled time is as follows:
2:30-3:00 Tiny Divas
3-3:30 Divas
3:30-4 Jr. Co.
4-4:30 Sr. Elite
4:30-5 Pre Elite
5-5:30 Sr. Co.

5:30-7 Individuals text me for spot. (If you are interested in another day/time for individual shots, speak with the photographer at your Team's scheduled appoinment.)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tryouts for ages 6-8 Mon. June 6th 4-5:30 @ the studio. $10 Audition fee
Tryouts for ages 9 and up Sat. June 11th 10-12:30 @ the studio. $10 Audition fee.
Registration June 7th, 8th, and 9th 4-5:30 (bring daughter we will be doing measurements)
$10 Registration fee per student.
Payment Schedule for Competition Teams:
Pre Elite/Elite/Sr. Elite/Sr. Co.
Total = $609
June 15th $100
July 15th $100
August 15th $150
Dec. 15th $80
Jan 15th $1o0
Feb 15th $79

Tiny Divas/Divas 1/ Divas 2
Total with out Production= $259
June 15th $75
July 15th $75
Jan 15th $109
Total with Production= $396
June 15th $100
July 15th $100
Aug 15th $50
Jan 15th $146

Monday, May 23, 2011

Schedule, Tuition, and Competition Fees, for 2011-2012

Fall Schedule begins Thurs. Aug 18th.
4:30-9:30 Elite/ Pre Elite

4-5 Tiny Divas
5-7:30 Divas 1/Divas 2
7:30-9:30 Ballet/Jazz Technique Sr. Elite/Sr. So

5-6:30 Pre Elite/Elite Jazz/Ballet Technique
6:30-9:30 Sr. Co

4-9:30 Sr. Elite

2-3 Tiny Divas Ballet/Flexibility
3-4 Divas1 &2 Ballet/Flexibility
4:15-5:15 Pre ELite/Elite
5:15-6:15 Sr. Co. Sr. Elite

3-4 year old Tues. 11-11:45 a.m.
3-4 year old Tues 3-3:45 p.m.

Summer Technique Schedule starting June14th-July 5th cost $50
Ballet /Jazz Int. Tues 4:30-6:30
Ballet/Jazz Adv. Tues 6:30-8:30
Ballet/Jazz Beg. Thurs 5:30-6:30

Production Workshop for Pre Elite/Elite/Sr. Co/Sr. Elite
July 6th,7th, and 8th 4-8p.m. cost $50

Production Workshop for Tiny divas, Divas 1 & 2 (OPTIONAL)
July 19th and 20th 4-6 p.m. cost $20

Tuition Prices for 2011-2012
45 min $25
1 hr $30
2 hrs $50
3 hrs $60
4 hrs $70
5 hrs $80
6 hrs $90
7 hrs $100
unlimited $110

Competition Fees for Pre elite/ Elite/ Sr. Co/Sr. Elite
Choreo/music cutting fee $25
Production costume $95
Jazz costume $90
Lyrical costume $75
Hip Hop costume $65
Comp fees $252 (3 competitions)
Total $602

Competition Fees for Tiny Divas/Divas1/Divas 2

Choreo/music cutting fee $25
Jazz $85
Hip Hop $65
Comp fees with out Production $84 (2 Comp)
Total without Production $259
Production OPTIONAL
Production costume $95
Comp Fees $42
Total with Production $396

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maximum Team Pictures 2011

Hi, we will be doing team pictures at the studio next Fri. May 27th. (No Flexibility class)
Do not be late for pictures!!!!! We will start at the following times so be 15 min early:)
Do NOT park in front of my house or in front of my neighbors homes, park in my drive way, or on River Heights drive. CAUTION: DO NOT PARK BY FIRE HYDRANT! Cops have been giving out tickets.

Your Team's scheduled time is as follows:
2:30-3:00 Tiny Divas
3-3:30 Divas
3:30-4 Jr. Co.
4-4:30 Sr. Elite
4:30-5 Pre Elite
5-5:30 Sr. Co.
5:30-7 Individuals text me for spot. (If you are interested in another day/time  for individual shots, speak with the photographer at your Team's scheduled appoinment.)

What to wear:
Be creative. LOTS of layering, you do not need to match. Pick a few colors that look cute together and have fun. I know this may sound weird....... just trust me ;) The more colors you layer the cuter the picture will be.  I want them to show your  daughter's individual personality.

Colors you may wear:
(SOLID) Red, Fuchsia, Royal Blue, Yellow, Kelly Green, Orange, Purple, Black, White, Turquoise, you can also wear anything Jean.
No light colors, they need to be bold colors!

Ideas of what you may wear:
Scarfs, ear rings, bracelets, belts, bandannas, hats, leg warmers, vests, skirts, funky shoes, converse, high heels, boots, tutus, cute fingerless gloves, flowers, necklaces, jackets (jean), leggings, skirts, jeans, capris, shrugs, crazy socks (with colors listed above)

Hair, and makeup:
Light make up, hair however you want.

Pictures will be taken in the studio. Cost will be $20, this includes 1 8x10 of team photo shopped.
Money due at pictures. (Write checks to Maximum Dance)
Candace (the photographer) will have pricing out for me to pass out in class next week for individuals, if you are interested.
You can check out her website
I will talk more about pictures on Sat. at Competition.
They are going to be sooo cute!

Thanks TaRaLeE:)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Nationals @ Taylorsville High School, Saturday May 21st

Competition venue has changed it will NOT be at Riverton, it will be at TAYLORSVILLE High School.
Taylorsville High School  5225 So. Redwood Road.
Admission to this Comp. is free.

Check in time for Saturday DON"T BE LATE!
Sr. Elite- 9:00 (Lyrical)
Divas-10:30 (Jazz)
Pre Elite- 10:30 (Jazz)
Tiny Divas- 11:20 (Hip Hop)
Jr. Co.- 11:30 (Lyrical)
Sr. Co.- 12:00 (Lyrical)

1- "Enigma" Sr. Elite Auditorium 10:10 
2- "Oh Baby" Divas Auditorium 11:30
3- "Whats A Girl Gotta Do"  Pre ELite Auditorium 11:40
4- "Lets Get It Started" Divas Auditorium 12:00
5- "Dream" Pre Elite Auditorium 12:10
6- "Dynamite" Tiny Divas Auditorium 12:20
7- "Little Shop Of Horrors" Tiny divas Auditorium 12:40
8-"Don't Dream It's Over" Jr. Co.Auditorium 12:50
9- "Insensitive" Sr. Co. Auditorium 1:00
10- "Warrior" Production Gymnasium 1:50
11- "Creeps" Jr.Co. Gymnasium 4:30
12- "Tricky" Pre Elite Gymnasium 4:50
13- "Take It To THe Floor" Jr. Co. Gymnasium 5:10
14- "Pump It Up" Sr. Co. Gymnasium 5:30
15- "Toxic" Sr. Co. Gymnasium  5:50
16- "2 Step" Sr. Elite Gymnasium 5:56
17- "Bad Romance" Sr. Elite Gymnasium 6:10

Next week is the last week of dance, it's also bring a friend to dance. I will hand out the summer/ fall schedule, tuition, and Competition fee's schedule.
Registration is June 7,8,and 9th from 4-5:30p.m. Registration fee $10 per student. I will be doing measurements so please bring your daughter.
Auditions for 2011-2012 Competition teams will be Sat. June 11th from 10-1(this is just for 8 years and up)  . The cost is $10 to try out. I will do a try out for ages 5-7 Mon. June 6th from 4-5:30.
This year has been GREAT!! Maximum has the best students and Parents!!! Love you all;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Wow you girls did amazing! We won so may overalls I didn't keep a good count, so I just wrote down the ones I knew for sure:)
 Tiny Divas- Jazz White Diamond, Hip Hop -White Diamond (overall)
Divas- Jazz -White Diamond(overall Hi point) Hip Hop - White Diamond (overall)
Jr Co.- Jazz -White Diamond (overall) Hip Hop -White Diamond (overall) Lyrical- Pink Diamond
Pre Elite Jazz White Diamond (overall Hi Point) Lyrical- Pink Diamond (overall Pink Diamond) Hip Hop (overall White Diamond)
Sr. Co. Jazz- White Diamond , Lyrical -Pink Diamond, Hip Hop -White Diamond (overall Hi Point)
Sr. Elite Jazz -White Diamond (best choreography) Lyrical -White Diamond, Hip Hop- White Diamond
You girls did AMAZING! There were not many White Diamonds called (this is the highest one) alot of parents were confused! lol, But we got mostly White CONGRATS!!!!!

Also if anyone picked up a zip lock baggie with cords in it, one of the parents lost this please bring it to me.

Nationals May 20-21st the venue has changed it will not be at Riverton it will be at Taylorsville High!
I will post the schedule Monday, so stay posted.:) I love Nationals we always do our best, let's have so much fun!
Love ya TaRaLeE

Monday, May 9, 2011


Registration for 2011-2012 June 7th, 8th,and 9th from 4:00-5:30.
Schedule will be posted May 23.
If your daughter is over 6 and interested in Competition, and new to Maximum, you must call me and set up an audition before June11th.
Auditions for 2011-2012 Maximum teams will be Jun 11th.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

COmPetiTiOn ScheduLe FoR SatuRdaY MaY 7th                   WeStLaKe HiGh ScHooL 99 N. 20 W Saratoga Springs 201 Baby Baby Baby Oh Mini Recreational 11:30 AM  Divas
205 little Shop of Horrors Mini Recreational 11:41 AM  Tiny Divas
210 Creeps Junior Novice 11:56 AM  Jr. Co.
216 Whats A Girl gotta Do Junior Competitive 12:15 PM Pre Elite
217 Toxic Teen Novice 12:17 PM  Sr. Co.
225 Bad Romance Senior Elite 12:47 PM  Sr. Elite
229 Don't Dream Its Over Junior Novice 12:59 PM  Jr. Co.
231 Insensitive Teen Novice 1:03 PM  Sr. Co.
238 Dream Junior Competitive 1:24 PM  Pre. Elite
241 Enigma Senior Elite 1:33 PM  Sr. Elite
244 Take It To The Floor Junior Novice 1:42 PM jr. Co.
245 Lets Get It satrted In Here Mini Recreational 1:44 PM  Divas
246 Pump It Up Teen Novice 1:46 PM Sr. Co.
249 Dynamite Mini Recreational 1:55 PM  Tiny Divas
252 Tricky Junior Competitive 2:03 PM  Pre Elite
254 2 Step Senior Elite 2:09 PM  Sr. Elite
258 Warrior Teen Competitive 2:21 PM  Sr. Co, Pre ELite, Sr. ELite, Jr. Co.

Divas be there  @ 10:30 (JAzz costume)
Tiny Divas - 10:40 (Jazz costume)
Jr. Co - 10:50 (Jazz costume
Pre ELite- 11:15 (jazz costume
Sr. CO- 11:15 (Jazz costume)
Sr. Elite- 11:30 (Jazz costume)
Please check your girls costume bags now, there may be items missing. Easier now than Saturday morning. Please make sure they are practicing every night this week:)
 Recital went great, great job girls:)

ALso great job Sat. at Comp. here are the results
Chloee Lowrance 1st place
Hailey Bennet 1st place
Hannah Mclachlan 2nd place
Maura Hunt 1st place
Aubrey Hunt 1st place
Jessica Jendryka 2nd place
Tanesha Bland 1st(jazz) 3rd (lyrical)
Jadyn LArsen 4th place
Kenzi Muterspaugh 3rd
Ashley Lindquist 1st , and Best Choreography
Aidyn Eldredge 1st place
Marlee Bruderer 3rd place
Kaitlin Bruderer 3rd place
Paige franks 3rd place
Abbi Liddell 3rd place Best Showmanship
Tiffany Christensen 2nd place
Pre ELite 1st jazz (best costume) 1st hip hop 2nd lyrical
Sr. Elite 2nd hip hop 3rd jazz, 3rd lyrical
Great job!

Tiny Divas and Divas have practice Mon. May 2nd from 4:30-7 to clean routines:) All other classes will be the same!
Thanks TaraLeE

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Schedule for this week. =)
Mon. April 25th 3-4 yr old classes held. Tiny Divas, Divas, and Jr. Co. NO DANCE!
Tues. April 26th Rehearsal  6-7:30 (NO COSTUMES) @ The Studio  (3-4 yr olds only stay til 6:30)
Sr. Elite stay til 9:30.
Wed. April 27th DRESS REHEARSAL (Costumes and Hair) @ North Star Academy 6-7:30.
North Star Academy 2920 W. 14010 So. Bluffdale
Thurs. RECITAL @ Hunter High School 6:30 (girls be there @ 5:30 READY.)
Hunter High School  4200 So. 5600 West West Valley.

3-4 yr olds 10:15-11 a.m. class, White top, green hot pants, tan tights, black ballet shoes, hair half up curly with white bow, makeup.
3-4 yr. olds 3-3:45 p.m. class, Black leo, hot pink pettiskirt, black tights, black ballet shoes, hair half up curly, polka dot hair bow, makeup.
All comp. teams hair, and makeup same as Recital. (But PLEASE start 3 messy buns on side of head NOT on top) Messy buns start and end on left side. 
Tiny Divas
Hip Hop- Red sweats, black Converse.
Jazz- Black sparkly halter, black hot pants, black gloves, green tutu, tan tights, footundeez, black feather bow in hair.
Hip Hop- Red sweats, black Converse
Jazz - sparkly halter, black hot pants, black gloves, red tutu, tan tights, footundeez, black feather bow in hair
Jr. Co. Sr. Co, Pre Elite, Sr. Elite, need to bring a costume that is Red, White and Black. (anything from your closet BE CREATIVE!!) For our opening Routine "I Wanna Dance With Somebody".
Jr. Co
Red, black and white costume
Jazz- tutu, gloves, leo, tights, Footundeez
Lyrical- Yellow dress.
Hip Hop- Red sweats, Black Converse
Production, hotpants, Sparkly top.
Sr. Co
Red, black and white costume
Jazz- Green unitard,skirt, gloves, tights, Footundeez
Lyrical- Purple dress
Hip Hop- Red sweats black Converse
Production hot pants, and sparkly top
Pre Elite
Red, black and white costume
Ballet- Pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black leo, black hotpants, hair flower
Jazz - polka dot unitard, gloves, tights, Footundeez
Lyrical- green dress
Hip Hop- Red sweats. Black Converse
Production Costume
Sr. Elite
REd, black and white costume
Ballet- Pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black leo, black hotpants, hair flower
Jazz - Black  unitard dress, yellow arm cuffs, tights, Footundeez
Lyrical- Pink top, Black hotpants, cream hair piece
Hip Hop- Red sweats
Production costume

Competition Sat. Lineup
Juan Deigo High School 300 E. 11800 So. Draper
Pre Elite- Be there @  8:00 a.m. Ready!
9:00 a.m. Jazz "Whats A Girl Gotta Do" Gymnasium
1:00 p.m. Hip Hop "Tricky" Gymnasium
2:10 p.m. Lyrical "Dream" Auditorium
Sr. Elite- Be there @ 7:30 a.m. Ready!
8:30 a.m. Jazz "Bad Romance" Auditorium
10:00 a.m. Hip Hop "2 Step" Gymnasium
1:45 p.m. Lyrical "Enigma" Auditorium

If you have not received your solo time, text me and I'll get it to you:)

 I could not be more thrilled with the times!!! Let's show them what we got, let's do this Maximum!!!!
 Love you Taralee :0)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


There is dance Monday April 18th, NO DANCE Tues. April 19th - Mon. April 25th.
Dress Rehearsal (All girls) Tues 26th @ the studio 6-7:30. (no costumes)
Dress Rehearsal (All girls) Wed. 27th @ NORTH STAR ACADEMY 6-7:30 (costumes)
Spring Showcase Thurs. April 28th @ HUNTER HIGH SCHOOL @ 6:30 . Students need to be there @ 5:30  completely ready.
The Recital fee is $15 per student, spectators are free.
I cannot believe the year is almost finished, I have loved teaching all your beautiful daughters, and thanks again for dancing at Maximum:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


PRACTICE SAT. APRIL 16th is from 11-12:30 for Jr. Co. Sr. Co, Pre Elite. Sr. Elite 11-1:30  @ North Star Academy.:)
Sorry for the inconvenience the cute lady that let's us use the gym is running a half marathon that day and was still trying to figure out her busy schedule! Thanks Shelby for letting us use your gym. (this practice will cost $2 per girl)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We are performing this Thurs. @ the Herriman High School Drill Showcase @ 7, Girls need to be there @ 6:30 completely ready Pre Elite is performing Jazz, and Sr. Elite is performing Hip Hop.
Sr. Elite will still have class before and after, we will get the girls there and back.

Tickets are$7 at the door or you can get them from me for $5 Wed.

They are holding a dress rehearsal Wed. @ 4. I'm checking out Chloee @ 3:15 if anyone from Monte Vista wants to check out there girls at this time I will take them over to Herriman and bring them back to the studio after the rehearsal. Class will still be held after for Pre Elite.
Sr. Elite and Pre ELite will need to be at Herriman High @ 4 for dress rehearsal, I will bring ALL the Pre ELite girls to the studio after:)


April Newsletter

I want to start off by saying how proud I am of all you girls! St. George was a blast and you girls went to win, and you did:)
Jr. Co.
Jazz 1st place Diamond, Lyrical 1st place Ruby, Hip Hop 1st place Diamond
Sr. Co.
Jazz 1st place Diamond OVERALL GRAND CHAMPION, Lyrical 1st place Ruby, Hip Hop 1st place Diamond
Pre Elite
Jazz 1st place Diamond OVERALL HI POINT, Hip Hop 1st place Diamond OVERALL GRAND CHAMPION, Lyrical 1st place Diamond OVERALL 1st place:) Swept the all overall trophies:)
Sr. ELite
JAzz 1st place Diamond, Lyrical 2nd place Diamond, Hip Hop 1st place Diamond OVERALL GRAND CHAMPION and judges choice:)
Production 1st place Diamond OVERALL PRODUCTION :)
Congrats girls!!!!

Extra Practice Schedule for April:
April 16th 11-12:30  North Star Academy for Sr. Elite, Sr. Co, Pre. Elite, Jr. Co
11-1:30  Sr. Elite @ the studio SORRY CHANGED AGAIN:(

Thursday April 28th @ 6:30 (girls be there completely ready by 5:30) @ Hunter High School.
Dress Rehearsals Tues April 26th 6-7:30 @ the studio and Wed. 27th  6-7:30 North Star Academy.

Spring Recess
Tues. April 19th -Mon April 25th ( I will still be holding the 3-4 yr old classes this mon. for makeup class:)

Extra practice for Tiny Divas and Divas 
On Mon. May 2nd Tiny divas and Divas need to come from 4:30-7 to be ready for there first that Sat. May 7th :)

Competitions coming up:
April 29th and 30th (Pre Elite, and Sr. elite only) Dance America Nationals Juan Deigo
May 6th and 7th Releve West Lake High School (ALL TEAMS)
May 20th and 21st Aspire Dance Pro Nationals Riverton high School (ALLTEAMS)

Bring a friend to dance day will be the week oy May 23rd-26th:)

Last day of dance will be Fri. May 27th . Try outs for next years Competition teams will be Sat. June  11th from 10-2p.m. :0) Tryout will only be for Jr. Co. Pre Elite, Sr. co, and Sr. Elite and any new students from the age 8 and up. Tiny Divas and Divas will be placed on a team, as well as girls turning 5.
Complete Schedule will be out June 6th along with fees and tuition for the 2011-2012 year, and summer class dates:)
Thanks Taralee

Friday, March 18, 2011


$60 DUE SAT. for Pre ELite, Sr. Elite!!!! For Dance America Comp!!!!!!!!!!

Remember there is NO DANCE THURSDAY AND FRIDAY March 24th and 25th!!!!!!!!
Sr. Elite, Sr. Co, Jr. Co, and Pre Elite, have class Tues. March  22nd AT NORTH STAR ACADEMY from 4:30-8. Do not be late we will be spacing on the gym floor.  (This practice will be a dress rehearsal to make sure we have all costumes!)
They also will have practice Wed. 4:30-9:30  AT THE STUDIO.  DO NOT BRING  COSTUMES TO THIS PRACTICE!


1- "Dream" Pre Elite 10:50 Aauditorium
2- "Don't Dream It's Over" Jr. Co. 11:10 Auditorium
3- "Enigma" Sr. Elite 12:06 Auditorium
4- "Insensitive" Sr. Co. 12:18 Auditorium
5- "Bad Romance" Sr. Elite 12:21 Auditorium
6- PRODUCTION ALL TEAMS "Warrior" 12:59 Gym
7- "Take It To The Floor" Jr. Co. 3:51 Gym
8- "Tricky" Pre Elite 4:07 Gym
9- "Toxic" Sr. Co. 4:34 Gym
10- "Creeps" Jr. Co. 4:37 Gym
11- "What's A girl Gotta Do" Pre ELite 4:53 Gym
12- "Pump It Up" Sr. Co. 5:13 Gym
13- "2 Step" Sr. Elite  6:02 Gym

Parents you must bring your own music I WILL NOT BRING MUSIC FOR YOU, we have 26 solos this year! You must turn in your music 1 hour prior to dancing at the Registration table. Bring 2 cds, turn in one and hold the other with you to practice, and to have just in case there is a problem with that cd. I'm sending home new cds Sat. make sure you see if they work, but do not over use them.  


ALL teams need to be in our assigned room (check registration table @ arrival)
Pre ELite- 9:30
Jr. Co.- 10:00
Sr. Elite-  10:30
Sr. Co. - 10:30
DO NOT  BE LATE!!!!!!!! Be completely ready hair makeup, costume on, warm ups over.

Hair needs to be on the left side, start the messy buns on the left side  end below the left ear...DO NOT START ON TOP OF THE HEAD! They looked to messy at the Christmas recital, bobby pin them more so there is no crazy hairs flying out.
I have the makeup for Production I need some moms to help right after the girls first dance. (It' s not as much make up as clowns :0) yay)
The girls are really working hard, please have them practice every night!
JR CO. NEEDS TO GET A WHITE SPORTS BRA FOR THERE LYRICAL COSTUME!!! ( I will buy them and you can pay me in St. george)

Dance this Saturday will be at the studio Jr. Co, Sr Co, Pre Elite,  10-12:30 Sr. Elite 10-2:30.

WE ARE READY, Let's do this Maximum!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Practice this Saturday March 12th, will be at the studio, for Sr. Co, Jr. Co, Pre Elite, Sr. Elite 10-12:30.
 Sr. Elite will stay til 2:30.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


SR CO. be at practice next 2 weeks @ 4! And bring $11 for hair piece and gloves.

Practice this Sat. is at North Star from 10-12:30  ($10 fee per dancer for extra Sat. practices due Sat.) for Jr. Co, Sr. Co, Sr. Elite, Pre Elite. Then following Sr. Elite will practice at the studio from 1-2:30, I will keep you posted where the next 2 Sat. practices will be held.

We have our Spring Recital date Thursday April 28th @ 6:30 @ Hunter High School. (dancers need to be there @ 5:30 completely ready. Cost $15 per dancer this is due April 15th.

PRE ELITE and SR. ELITE LAST INSTALLMENT of $60 is due March 14th (this is for the extra comp we have decided to attend Dance America Nationals @ Juan Diego High School April 29th and 30th. (Register solos on there website )

Parents please be sure your daughters are practicing! I'm really excited for you to see how much progress has been made the last few months. I want to thank my wonderful teachers for all their hard work Thanks to  Heather, Jenn, and Julie!!! :) Love you ladies.

 PERFORMANCE for Pre Elite, and Sr. Elite Thurs March 10th @ Bingham High School @ 6.
Be at the studio @ 4:30 completely ready to go through routines, parents meet at Bingham we will have transportation for your girls to Bingham. 

PRE ELITE is performing Lyrical, green dress, tights, footundeez, hair messy buns, makeup.
SR. ELITE is performing Jazz, newly improved costume:) tights, footundeez, messy buns, makeup.

Thanks, TaRaLeE :0) 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

MARCH EXTRA PRACTICE SCHEDULE (scroll down for Feb. newsletter)

Pre. Elite, Jr. Co,  March extra practice schedule:
Sat. March 5th 10-12:30 place NORTH STAR
Sat. March 12th 10-12:30 place TBD
Sat. March 19th 10-12:30 place STUDIO

Sr. Co, Sr. Elite Schedule:
Sat. March 5th 10-2:30 NORTH STAR til 12:30 then studio
Sat. March 12th 10:2:30 place TBD
Sat. March 19th 10-2:30 place STUDIO

Pre Elite, Sr. Co, Jr. Co, Sr. Elite
 Tues. March 22nd 4:30-8 place NORTH STAR
 Wed. 23rd 4:30-9:30 place STUDIO 


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Tuition is due this week, our competition fee of $135  is due by the 15th. (for Pre ELite, Jr. Co, Sr. Co, Sr. Elite)

There is NO DANCE  MONDAY FEBRUARY 21st  Have a Happy Washington-Lincoln Day :o)

Extra practice schedule for February:
All girls need to pay $10 total each for these extra practices, I did not charge last month to make up for Spring Break in April :) This is due Sat.
Sat. Feb. 5th North Star Academy 10-12:30 (Pre Elite, Jr. Co, Sr. Co, Sr. Elite)
Sat. Feb. 12th North Star Academy 10-12:30 (Pre Elite, Jr. Co, Sr. Co, Sr. Elite)
Fri. Feb 18th Studio Practice Sleepover 5:30 (JUST FOR SR. CO, SR. ELITE)
Sat. Feb 19th Studio 10-12:30 (Pre Elite. Jr.Co, Sr. Co, Sr. ELite)
Sat. Feb 26th SOLO/Duo/TRIO GIRLS PRACTICE 10-12 at the Studio ($5 each girl due at practice)

Please join us on facebook!

TINY DIVAS AND DIVAS Please bring your red hip hop sweats in a labeled grocery sack this week so we can embroider them .


Monday, January 3, 2011


Welcome back, classes begin this week! :0)  I hope you all enjoyed your Holidays, I know I sure did.
Installments due this month, Comp. fees were raised this year sorry for the inconvenience!

Tiny Divas, Divas
Jan. 15th $85

Jr. Co, Sr. Co, Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. Elite
Jan. 15th $135
Feb. 15th $135

Parents you must have your comp. fees in ON TIME or I will NOT register your daughter!
Tuition is also due this week!

No Dance Mon. JANUARY 17th

I will be sending home Competition dates this week.

There will be alot of extra practices the next three months to get ready for our Competition season, more than we have had in the past. PLEASE do not miss any of these extra practices.
(I will be sending home a schedule.)

Extra Practices
Pre Elite, Jr. Co, Sr. Co, Elite, Sr. Elite
Sat. Jan 8th 10-12 (North Star Academy)
Sat. Jan 15th NO PRACTICE!!!!!
Sat. Jan 22nd 10-12 (North Star Academy)
Sat Jan 29th 10-12 (studio)
Extra Practices
Elite, Sr. Elite
Sat. Jan 8th 10-1:30 (North Star Academy)
Sat. Jan 15th NO PRACTICE!!!!!
Sat. Jan 22nd 10-1:30 (North Star Academy)
Sat. Jan 29th  10-1:30 (studio)

Girls need to be practicing everyday!
If you are still interested in a solo let me know I will need all solos finished by Feb.
Thanks..........I'm so excited for COMPETITIONS!!!!
Love TaRaLeE :0)