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Friday, March 18, 2011


$60 DUE SAT. for Pre ELite, Sr. Elite!!!! For Dance America Comp!!!!!!!!!!

Remember there is NO DANCE THURSDAY AND FRIDAY March 24th and 25th!!!!!!!!
Sr. Elite, Sr. Co, Jr. Co, and Pre Elite, have class Tues. March  22nd AT NORTH STAR ACADEMY from 4:30-8. Do not be late we will be spacing on the gym floor.  (This practice will be a dress rehearsal to make sure we have all costumes!)
They also will have practice Wed. 4:30-9:30  AT THE STUDIO.  DO NOT BRING  COSTUMES TO THIS PRACTICE!


1- "Dream" Pre Elite 10:50 Aauditorium
2- "Don't Dream It's Over" Jr. Co. 11:10 Auditorium
3- "Enigma" Sr. Elite 12:06 Auditorium
4- "Insensitive" Sr. Co. 12:18 Auditorium
5- "Bad Romance" Sr. Elite 12:21 Auditorium
6- PRODUCTION ALL TEAMS "Warrior" 12:59 Gym
7- "Take It To The Floor" Jr. Co. 3:51 Gym
8- "Tricky" Pre Elite 4:07 Gym
9- "Toxic" Sr. Co. 4:34 Gym
10- "Creeps" Jr. Co. 4:37 Gym
11- "What's A girl Gotta Do" Pre ELite 4:53 Gym
12- "Pump It Up" Sr. Co. 5:13 Gym
13- "2 Step" Sr. Elite  6:02 Gym

Parents you must bring your own music I WILL NOT BRING MUSIC FOR YOU, we have 26 solos this year! You must turn in your music 1 hour prior to dancing at the Registration table. Bring 2 cds, turn in one and hold the other with you to practice, and to have just in case there is a problem with that cd. I'm sending home new cds Sat. make sure you see if they work, but do not over use them.  


ALL teams need to be in our assigned room (check registration table @ arrival)
Pre ELite- 9:30
Jr. Co.- 10:00
Sr. Elite-  10:30
Sr. Co. - 10:30
DO NOT  BE LATE!!!!!!!! Be completely ready hair makeup, costume on, warm ups over.

Hair needs to be on the left side, start the messy buns on the left side  end below the left ear...DO NOT START ON TOP OF THE HEAD! They looked to messy at the Christmas recital, bobby pin them more so there is no crazy hairs flying out.
I have the makeup for Production I need some moms to help right after the girls first dance. (It' s not as much make up as clowns :0) yay)
The girls are really working hard, please have them practice every night!
JR CO. NEEDS TO GET A WHITE SPORTS BRA FOR THERE LYRICAL COSTUME!!! ( I will buy them and you can pay me in St. george)

Dance this Saturday will be at the studio Jr. Co, Sr Co, Pre Elite,  10-12:30 Sr. Elite 10-2:30.

WE ARE READY, Let's do this Maximum!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Practice this Saturday March 12th, will be at the studio, for Sr. Co, Jr. Co, Pre Elite, Sr. Elite 10-12:30.
 Sr. Elite will stay til 2:30.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


SR CO. be at practice next 2 weeks @ 4! And bring $11 for hair piece and gloves.

Practice this Sat. is at North Star from 10-12:30  ($10 fee per dancer for extra Sat. practices due Sat.) for Jr. Co, Sr. Co, Sr. Elite, Pre Elite. Then following Sr. Elite will practice at the studio from 1-2:30, I will keep you posted where the next 2 Sat. practices will be held.

We have our Spring Recital date Thursday April 28th @ 6:30 @ Hunter High School. (dancers need to be there @ 5:30 completely ready. Cost $15 per dancer this is due April 15th.

PRE ELITE and SR. ELITE LAST INSTALLMENT of $60 is due March 14th (this is for the extra comp we have decided to attend Dance America Nationals @ Juan Diego High School April 29th and 30th. (Register solos on there website )

Parents please be sure your daughters are practicing! I'm really excited for you to see how much progress has been made the last few months. I want to thank my wonderful teachers for all their hard work Thanks to  Heather, Jenn, and Julie!!! :) Love you ladies.

 PERFORMANCE for Pre Elite, and Sr. Elite Thurs March 10th @ Bingham High School @ 6.
Be at the studio @ 4:30 completely ready to go through routines, parents meet at Bingham we will have transportation for your girls to Bingham. 

PRE ELITE is performing Lyrical, green dress, tights, footundeez, hair messy buns, makeup.
SR. ELITE is performing Jazz, newly improved costume:) tights, footundeez, messy buns, makeup.

Thanks, TaRaLeE :0)