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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here are some details, rates and general information about South Point Hotel.  (Vegas)

Wednesday/Thursday- $40/night
Friday/Saturday- $85/night
Sunday/Monday- $45/night
 + 12% Clark County Tax
All of these rates apply to our group only. There is not a resort fee or a baggage/bell boy fee. However if you do get help with bags please remember to tip. Kids under 15 years old are allowed to share a room with their parents at no additional charge, as long as extra bedding is not needed. However, they do ask that there are no more that 4 people per room. Anyone under the age of 21 is required to share a room with at least 1 adult chaperone over age 21.

Cancellation Policy
Room cancellations must be made at least 72 hours in advance. If you do not cancel or fail to show up you will be billed for 1 nights room plus tax and any remaining nights of a no-show reservation will be canceled, and all deposits forfeited. Also, if you do not check in on the scheduled check in day you will also be billed for 1 nights room plus tax.

Check in/Check out
Check in time is anytime after 3pm and check out is at 12 pm
If you arrive earlier than 3pm or your departure is later than 12pm the front desk is happy to store your luggage.

Just a few more things...
When you check in, if you are in need of 2 queen beds then you need to request that at check in. I talked to them today and they said they will be as accommodating as possible, but there are no guarantees. If a King will work, please let them know also, so that other guests who need the 2 queens will have a better chance.
As of today there are no more additional rooms at the price we are getting. So if you need more rooms you will need to pay more.
When you check out please check to make sure they charged you the appropriate rate.
The pool is open and hopefully the weather will be fabulous, so bring your suits!

If you have any questions or concerns please give me a call.
Jessica Harris
Freedom Travel 4 U

Also parents you also need to call and put your credit card # and name on ASAP. Thanks! 
1-866-796-7111 /South Point Hotel and Casino
Group #is air0502
I will send home next week in class driving directions to Spring Valley High School 3750 s. Buffalo Dr. Las Vegas Nev. I will also send schedule. You can go to for all info regarding the comp.
Sat. May 5th 9:00 am solos begin,
2:00 p.m.Comp begins
 dancers need to be at the school by 1:00p.m. DO NOT BE LATE!!!
 I will be passing out wristbands @ 1:00 p.m.
Awards are scheduled for 7:00 p.m.
Are dressing room is in the Boys Locker room.
Admission is $7 at the door. NO CHECKS ACCEPTED!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Maximum Dance Spring Recital :0)

Please come in 1st dance costume:)

1- Runaround Sue (11 am Tues. class)
2- Break your Heart/ Hip Hop -Tiny Divas
3- Splish Splash (3pm Tues class)
4- How Do You Sleep/ Hip Hop- Divas 1
5- Hard Knock Life / Jazz Divas 2
6- The Call/ Lyrical Pre Elite
7- Somewhere Only We Know/ Lyrical ELite
8- Disturbia/Jazz Sr Co
9- Haunted/ Hip Hop Sr. Elite
10- Never Fully Dressesd
11- Lets Get Loud
12- American Boy
13- Wind It Up
14- Move If you Wanna
15- Halleluia
16- The Rose
17- Shawty Got moves
18- Poker Face
19- Krazy
20- Heads Will Roll
21- Lil Peanuts
22- Mad House
23- Finale

Good Luck girls and Wes!.... :) Love you!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Spring Recital  Hunter High School we will begin at 6:30p.m.. Dancers please be there 1 hour early. (3-6 year olds 30 min early.)

Costume checklist
3-6 year olds 11-11:45 a.m. class red costume, red hair bow, black tights, black ballet shoes.
3-6 year old 3-3:45 p.m. class pink and black costume, pink hair bow, black tights , black ballet shoes

Tiny Divas:
Jazz: red black leo/tutu, choker, gloves, red bow
Hip Hop: black shirt, pink sparkly top, black pants, converse

 Divas 1:
Jazz: choker, black gloves, leo, tutu, red hair flow

Divas 2:
Jazz: dress, apron
Hip Hop: black sweats, royal hoodie, converse

Lil Peanuts,:
Gold leo, gloves (white), boot spats. black footless tights. These will be finished Sun. I'll call you to pick them up:)

Tan tights (footless) footundeez
Hair: half up, bubble bangs, straight (Comp girls)
Makep: silver eye shadow, maroon lipstick, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara, or fake lashes.

 Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. Co, Sr. Elite checklist on next post:)

Friday, April 13, 2012


All teams- Production costume, tan footless tights, footundeez

Jazz- black, silver leo with bustle, hair bow
Lyrical- black dress
Hip Hop- blue jacket, black sweats, sparkly converse, sparkly sports bra
Production costume!

Jazz- polka dot unitard, glove mits
Lyrical- white dress (make sure jewel on front is secure, if not please glue it)
Hip Hop- red jacket, black sweats, sparkly sports bra, and shoes
Production costume!

Sr. Co:
Jazz-black leo, tutu, glove mits,
Lyrical-brown unitard, nude sparkly shirt
Hip Hop-purple sports bra, white shirt, black sweats, combat boots
production costume!

Sr. Elite:
Jazz-sparkly coral top, skirt, unitard, sparkly belt
Lyrical, sports bra, maroon hot pants, dress
Hip Hop- blue top black leggings, combat boots
Production costume!

Bring SAFETY PINS, hair spray, makeup, brush, comb, hair elastics, bobby pins, makeup wipes, flat iron.

Hair- bubble bangs, slicked back sides half up, straight hair

Makeup- silver eye shadow, burgandy lips, bronzer, blush, thick eye liner on top.

I would like all the girls there to support the first dance, so please be there at 9 a.m..
Pre Elite and Elite need to be there by 8 a.m.

I will need help parents with production makeup, then after production you will need to redo your daughters makeup. bring makeup wipes.
I'm so excted for this weekend, the girls look amazing.
Good luck and I love you all!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Newletter

We have our competition times!:) Cottonwood High School April 14th


1-"Say Goodbye" Pre Elite 9:14 am
2- "Somewhere Only We Know" Elite 9:26 am
3-"Halleluia" Sr. CO. 10:40 am
5-"Rose"  Sr. Elite 1:04 pm
6- "She Moves" Pre Elite 12:52 pm
7- "Move If you Wanna"  Elite 1:44 pm
8- "Krazy" Sr. Co. 1:55 pm
9- "Haunted" Sr. Elite 2:18 p.m.
10-"Wind It Up" Pre Elite 2:56 pm
11-""Poker Face" Elite 3:23 pm
12-"Disturbia" Sr. Co. 4:01 pm
13- "Heads will Roll" Sr. Elite 4:24 pm

You need to be there 1 hour prior to your dance!! Do not be late! I will pass out wristbands at this time. When you get to the Comp go to the Registration table the staff will direct you to our dressing room, stay in the room until I'm ready to get your class! This will be a very busy day, do not leave the Comp. unless you have permission.
You need to be in the dressing room 1 hour prior to EVERY DANCE! We will run spacing and the dance, it is important every dancer is present.
 I will post checklist Mon. please make sure at that time you have everything! ;)
Good Luck girls! I know you are going to do amazing;)

Hi everyone the month of April is a busy one:0)

There will be no dance April 5th-9th.

Sr Elite Will have regular class tonight, and will need to be to class Wed. 8-9:30.
Pre ELite, Elite, will have class next wed April 11th 4:30-6:30 to get ready for our first Competition that weekend.

There will be no class held Fri. April 13th, this is our first solo Comp.

I'm getting very excited for our first Competition coming up April 13th (solos) and April 14th (groups)@ Cottonwood High School. I will post Competition times April 9th. I will also post checklist for what you need to bring, and where you need to meet.

OUR SPRING RECITAL is Mon April 23rd @ Hunter High School @ 6:30. be there completely ready @ 5:30. Our Dress rehearsal is Sat April 21st @ North Star @ 3-4:30 . Recital fee is $15 per student this is due by April 13th.

Extra practice :
Tiny Divas, Divas1, Divas2, April 21st 10-1 AT THE STUDIO. (this will be a busy day:))

Maximum Dance pictures MAY 12th @ the studio:
10:15-10:45 3-5 year olds
10:45-11:15 Tiny divas
11:15-11:45 Divas 1
11:45-12:15 Divas 2
12:15-12:45 Pre Elite
12:45-1:15 Elite
1:15-2:15 Sr. Co, Sr. Elite
Pictures will cost $20 for 8x10 of group.
$30 for action shots, and individual. (you will receive all pictures on a cd)

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by! Please be practicing at home:) I hope you are excited as I am for Comps. They are so fun and a big bonding experience for all the girls, please stay for awards...I think that's the girls favorite part;) Thanks for all your support, I have the best dance moms ever, I cannot tell you how many Diet Cokes, Cookies, lunches, I have received, and not to mention how many of you ask to help with everything! I love you all and THANKS!!! Taralee