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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Solo Schedule

Check in 1 hour before solo/ DONT FORGET YOUR MUSIC!!

1-Ellie Knudsen, Gracie Linn, Kenadie McKay                                      9:00 am
2-Chloee Lowrance, Brinlee Butterfield, Ashley Lindquist
3-Men in Black
4-Come Together
5-Halle Almond, Taya Olsen, Kennedy Johnson
6-Sawyer Frost & Kaison Cotton
7-Serenity Bateman & Madison Williams
8-Genna Zittrauer & Rylee Dietrich
9-Alex Richey
10-In Your Eyes
11-Kaitlyn Sonntag
12-Aspen Potokar
13-Sloane Booth
14-Abby Hansen
15-Adeline Devaney                                                                                     9:30 am
16-Fisher Potokar
17-Kaylan Penrod
18-Taylor Cutler
19-Kennedy Wight
20-Cashlin Glover
21-Elle Crossley
22-Rylee Peterson
23-Jayden Hancock
24-Sarah Goetz
25-Jaxton Millar
26-Ashley Richey
27-Averi Clark
28-Kelsi Carpenter
29-Austyn Bazzano
30-Madelyn Dawson
31-McKelle Foukas
32-Taylor Spencer
34Maddy Haarala
35-I think I Love You
36-Jillian Smith
37-Kenadie McKay
38-Arianna Ervin
39-Brinley Butterfield
41-Jessica Wilson
43-Hannah Dawson
45-10 Minute Judges Break
46-Alyssa Absey                                                                          10:45am
47-Breath of Life
48-Serenity Bateman
49-Kalli Potokar
50-Kendal Wooley
51-Aidyn Eldredge
52-Makena Landon
53-Chloee Lowrance
54F-ernanda Chevez
55-Kaison Cotton
56-McKenna Edwards
57-Ashley Lindquist
58-Myia DeHerrera
61-Isabella Hesser
63-Hailey Bennett
64-Lonica Jacobsen                                                                11:30 am
65-Shaeleigh Stoyle
66-Jenna Webster
67-Reagan Penrod
68-Too Close
69-Shyli Bench
70-My Philosophy
71-Paige Franks
72-Fix You
73-Jordan Atencio
74-Genna Zittrauer
75-Open Eyes
76-Lonica Jacobsen
77-Lexie Bazzano
                                                                                                12:30 awards

Sorry may be a bit confusing, odd numbers are at the top, even number are below. (scroll down.) Would not let me copy them side by side.
Dances are highlighted in REd!

All dancers need to be in first costume completley ready in the dressing room at 12:00 pm

1 You've Got a Friend in Me                    1:00 pm
3 International Love/Divas 2
5 Snap Backs
7 My Boyfriends Back
9 Call Me Maybe/Lady Bugs
11 Maneater/Sr. Co.
13 Hot Like Wow
15 Super Bass/Lady Bugs
17 Ice Cream & Cake
19 Now that I Can Dance/Tiny Divas       2:00 pm
21 Cotton Eyed Joe
23 These Roses
25 Grace/Sr. Co.
27 Men in Black
29 Want You Back/Tiny divas
31 Work It
33 Sail
35 Gangnam Style
37 Workin' Day & Night/DiVAS 1        3:15pm
39 This Instant
41 Crytasl Ball
43 Hands
45 Dance With Me Tonight
47 Hometown Glory
49 This Instant/Divas 1
51 Cadillac

2 Hey There Delilah                            1:00 pm
4 Look What Youve Done/Elite
6 Beauty Killed the Beast
8 Party Rock
10 Speak No Americano/Elite
12 Runaway Baby
14 All Eyes on Me
16 A Pirate's Life
18 Sassy Girls
20 Titanium/Prodigy                                2:00pm
22 SoHo
24 Bye, Bye, Bye
26 Lil' Bad Girls on Fire
28 Move That Booty…
30 Outta Your Mind/Sr. Elite
32 Without You/Prodigy
34 Get the Motto Outta…
36 Passion Play
38 Gravity/Sr. Elite                                               3:15 pm
40 Technologic/Elite
42 Where the Hood ?
44 Dynamite
46 Sleep
48 Love Story
50 Hanging On
52 Breathe Me
54 Will You Be There/Prodigy
56 Broken Strings
58 Paradise?Sr. Elite
60 Egyptian Lover
62 Hansel and Gretel/ PRODUCTION                  4:30pm
Awards Approximately 5:15PM

Click on Team link (scroll down)

Directors & Instructors,

We are super excited for this weekend and would like to welcome our participating studios; Maximum Dance, Inspire Dance Studio, Underground, Dance Impressions, The Movement Dance Centre, Studio 48, Davis Dance Academy, Creative Arts Academy, and Elite Works!!!

Enclosed is the information you will need to know for Saturday. Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns or if there is anything we can do to ensure you and your team have an awesome experience.

· Check-in- The competition will being at 9AM. You and your teams can check-in at 8AM (NO EARLIER). We will have a table at the front entrance for check-in. Soloists will need to check-in for their routines as well and sign waiver forms if they haven’t done so already. Team packets will be at the check-in table as well. Our staff will then escort you to your dressing rooms.

(Theatre Layout Attached)

· Parking- (Downtown Parking Map Attached)


- FREE Parking is available at the Junction parking garage off 24th Street & Grant (behind the Larry H Miller MegaPlex) and is a short walk to the OECC.

- Parking on the streets is a two hour maximum between 8a-6p Mon- Sat. The city will ticket for anything more than 2 hours.

- Guests of the Hampton and the Ogden Marriott may use their parking lots and it’s a short walk to the OECC


There are several locations in downtown Ogden that offer Paid Parking. These are Self-Pay Honor Lots. Guests must put money into the slot that matches their numbered parking spot. We do not have control of the Paid lots. The parking management company will ticket anyone who fails to provide payment in the pay box.

Parking Garage on Kiesel Ave, between 24th & 25th Street. There are 2 entrances to the garage. The entrance that does not have a gate is the Self Pay Honor Lot.

Parking Lot on Washington Blvd Across from the OECC is Self-Pay.

· Solos- Solos will begin promptly at 9AM. Your dancers can enter from either side of the stage…whatever they feel more comfortable with. Solo awards will be given before team routines start.

o If your soloist is highlighted in yellow in the attached solo lineup, we do not have a waiver for them and will need one before they can check-in. We have attached the waiver, they are more than welcome to print it and bring it with them or scan and email back to us beforehand.

· Lineups- Please check and re-check the lineups enclosed to ensure there are no errors. E-Mail us immediately if there is something that needs to be changed.

· Team- You will be given a team dressing room. There is no outside food or drink allowed in the Peery Theatre. Water, Gatorade and snacks for those with needs are acceptable. There is also no lose glitter or baby powder allowed in the rooms. The rooms will need to be cleaned before checkout and your room use contract signed off by a MDC staff before judging sheets are received.

o Dancers and Instructors are the only ones allowed back stage and in the dressing rooms. If you have moms that need to come back and help with certain costume changes for the younger ones, that is acceptable, they will still need to have paid for entry at the front and please do not abuse how many people are allowed back with you.

o We have reserved the rehearsal area to the south of the stage for all teams to warm-up and practice in. It is a large space big enough to accommodate all studios a portion to use, so please be conscious and aware of other studios around you. J

o Entry for spectators is $10.00 for Adults, $8.00 for kids 6-12, and 5 and under are free.

o There will be a great concessions through the Peery theatre on site with lunch options, refreshments and treats.

o All team participants will receive a t-shirt. These will be given in bulk to you at check-in.


Downtown parking map.pdf

Downtown parking map.pdf

1479K View Download

Theatre Layout.pdf

Theatre Layout.pdf

168K View Download

Millennium Dance Championships Waiver.pdf

Millennium Dance Championships Waiver.pdf

Solo 2013.pdf

Solo 2013.pdf

213K View Download

Team 2013.pdf

Team 2013.pdf

217K View Download


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March newsletter

I booked 18 extra rooms at Amercas Best Value Inn for St. george Comp. LMK ASAP if you would like one! Rate $80 a night

Thurs. March 7th dance schedule has been changed:
Elite 6:30-9:30
Sr. Elite 4:30-6:30 (Sr. co. Hip hop 5:30)

10-11 Tiny Divas, Lady Bugs
11-12 Divas 1, Divas 2
12-1 Elite, Sr. Co
1-2 Prodigy, Sr. Elite
2-3 solos
Do NOT be late for this practice, we are spacing on the floor.

Sat. March 9th.... I will not need any help this day, everything is taken care of! Thanks for your willingness to help!! ;)

Monday March 11th ALL dancers in Production:
MANDATORY Production run through Mon March 11th 5:00-6:00  @North Star Academy. All dancers in Production MUST attend! Again Do not be late!!!
Sr. Co/ Sr.Elite/Prodigy/Elite will stay @ North Star until 9:30.

PRODIGY/ELITE/SR.ELITE are performing at Herriman High Drill ShowcaseThurs. March 14th @ 7 p.m.
Elite- JAzz (Black Sparkly costume, gloves, choker, feather, tights, footundeez)
Sr. Elite- Lyrical (blue dress, tights, footundeez, black hot pants)
Prodigy- JAzz, Hip Hop, (silver costume, uni under, tights, footundeez, black sweats, combat boots, black shirt, vest)
Hair- bubble bangs, high sock bun.

Prodigy.Sr. Elite/Elite will have practice that day from 4:30-6:30@ North Star, have hair and makeup performance ready for practice!!

Competition info:

Friday March 15th Prodigy/Sr.Elite  need to come to extra practice from 5:30-6:30. Solos extra practice 6:30-8:30 $5 for this extra solo practice.

Salt Lake Community College 4600 So. Redwood Rd. Competition will be held in the Lifetime Activities Center (LAC)O
urdressing room will be in room #112
Admission cost $7 (no checks accepted) children under 3 free
Doors open at 7am AWARDS WILL BE AT 10:20 pm!! For solos, and teams!
Odd #'s face South Even face North
Your daughter will recieve a pink wrist band the week of Comp. If you loose this you will have to pay for her to get in. So please bring it to the comp. place on RIGHT WRIST!!

Lineup: MArch 16th
solos will be in the morning if you want to come support that would be awesome 1st solo is at 8 am.
All dancers must be at the College @ 2:40, except for Lady Bugs you will need to arrive @ 2:15.Meet in dressing room.
#7 Lady Bugs JAzz
#12 Production
#17 Tiny Divas JAzz
#20 Prodigy Cont.
#23 LAdy bugs H/H
#28 Sr. Elite Lyrical
#35 Tiny Divas H/H
#41 Divas 1 Jazz
#53 Divas 2 H/H
#58 Divas 1 H/H
#63 Sr. Co Lyrical
#66 Prodigy Jazz
#71 Divas 2 Jazz
#74 H/H
#79 Sr co. Jazz
#90 Elite Lyrical
#96 Sr. ELite JAzz
#102 Prodigy H/H
#112 Elite H/H
#125 Elite Jazz
 Parents if your daughter can not show you her routines with out help...  you need to come and record and they need to be practicing! It is not fair to the class if she is not giving 100%!
SOLOS you must know your routine by Sat. March 9th at practice. I will pass out extra 3 copies of music, in class the week of comp. DO NOT FORGET YOUR MUSIC!!!!!! This is your responsibility! Bring 1 extra cd in case of complications.