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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Schedule for this week. =)
Mon. April 25th 3-4 yr old classes held. Tiny Divas, Divas, and Jr. Co. NO DANCE!
Tues. April 26th Rehearsal  6-7:30 (NO COSTUMES) @ The Studio  (3-4 yr olds only stay til 6:30)
Sr. Elite stay til 9:30.
Wed. April 27th DRESS REHEARSAL (Costumes and Hair) @ North Star Academy 6-7:30.
North Star Academy 2920 W. 14010 So. Bluffdale
Thurs. RECITAL @ Hunter High School 6:30 (girls be there @ 5:30 READY.)
Hunter High School  4200 So. 5600 West West Valley.

3-4 yr olds 10:15-11 a.m. class, White top, green hot pants, tan tights, black ballet shoes, hair half up curly with white bow, makeup.
3-4 yr. olds 3-3:45 p.m. class, Black leo, hot pink pettiskirt, black tights, black ballet shoes, hair half up curly, polka dot hair bow, makeup.
All comp. teams hair, and makeup same as Recital. (But PLEASE start 3 messy buns on side of head NOT on top) Messy buns start and end on left side. 
Tiny Divas
Hip Hop- Red sweats, black Converse.
Jazz- Black sparkly halter, black hot pants, black gloves, green tutu, tan tights, footundeez, black feather bow in hair.
Hip Hop- Red sweats, black Converse
Jazz - sparkly halter, black hot pants, black gloves, red tutu, tan tights, footundeez, black feather bow in hair
Jr. Co. Sr. Co, Pre Elite, Sr. Elite, need to bring a costume that is Red, White and Black. (anything from your closet BE CREATIVE!!) For our opening Routine "I Wanna Dance With Somebody".
Jr. Co
Red, black and white costume
Jazz- tutu, gloves, leo, tights, Footundeez
Lyrical- Yellow dress.
Hip Hop- Red sweats, Black Converse
Production, hotpants, Sparkly top.
Sr. Co
Red, black and white costume
Jazz- Green unitard,skirt, gloves, tights, Footundeez
Lyrical- Purple dress
Hip Hop- Red sweats black Converse
Production hot pants, and sparkly top
Pre Elite
Red, black and white costume
Ballet- Pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black leo, black hotpants, hair flower
Jazz - polka dot unitard, gloves, tights, Footundeez
Lyrical- green dress
Hip Hop- Red sweats. Black Converse
Production Costume
Sr. Elite
REd, black and white costume
Ballet- Pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black leo, black hotpants, hair flower
Jazz - Black  unitard dress, yellow arm cuffs, tights, Footundeez
Lyrical- Pink top, Black hotpants, cream hair piece
Hip Hop- Red sweats
Production costume

Competition Sat. Lineup
Juan Deigo High School 300 E. 11800 So. Draper
Pre Elite- Be there @  8:00 a.m. Ready!
9:00 a.m. Jazz "Whats A Girl Gotta Do" Gymnasium
1:00 p.m. Hip Hop "Tricky" Gymnasium
2:10 p.m. Lyrical "Dream" Auditorium
Sr. Elite- Be there @ 7:30 a.m. Ready!
8:30 a.m. Jazz "Bad Romance" Auditorium
10:00 a.m. Hip Hop "2 Step" Gymnasium
1:45 p.m. Lyrical "Enigma" Auditorium

If you have not received your solo time, text me and I'll get it to you:)

 I could not be more thrilled with the times!!! Let's show them what we got, let's do this Maximum!!!!
 Love you Taralee :0)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


There is dance Monday April 18th, NO DANCE Tues. April 19th - Mon. April 25th.
Dress Rehearsal (All girls) Tues 26th @ the studio 6-7:30. (no costumes)
Dress Rehearsal (All girls) Wed. 27th @ NORTH STAR ACADEMY 6-7:30 (costumes)
Spring Showcase Thurs. April 28th @ HUNTER HIGH SCHOOL @ 6:30 . Students need to be there @ 5:30  completely ready.
The Recital fee is $15 per student, spectators are free.
I cannot believe the year is almost finished, I have loved teaching all your beautiful daughters, and thanks again for dancing at Maximum:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


PRACTICE SAT. APRIL 16th is from 11-12:30 for Jr. Co. Sr. Co, Pre Elite. Sr. Elite 11-1:30  @ North Star Academy.:)
Sorry for the inconvenience the cute lady that let's us use the gym is running a half marathon that day and was still trying to figure out her busy schedule! Thanks Shelby for letting us use your gym. (this practice will cost $2 per girl)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We are performing this Thurs. @ the Herriman High School Drill Showcase @ 7, Girls need to be there @ 6:30 completely ready Pre Elite is performing Jazz, and Sr. Elite is performing Hip Hop.
Sr. Elite will still have class before and after, we will get the girls there and back.

Tickets are$7 at the door or you can get them from me for $5 Wed.

They are holding a dress rehearsal Wed. @ 4. I'm checking out Chloee @ 3:15 if anyone from Monte Vista wants to check out there girls at this time I will take them over to Herriman and bring them back to the studio after the rehearsal. Class will still be held after for Pre Elite.
Sr. Elite and Pre ELite will need to be at Herriman High @ 4 for dress rehearsal, I will bring ALL the Pre ELite girls to the studio after:)


April Newsletter

I want to start off by saying how proud I am of all you girls! St. George was a blast and you girls went to win, and you did:)
Jr. Co.
Jazz 1st place Diamond, Lyrical 1st place Ruby, Hip Hop 1st place Diamond
Sr. Co.
Jazz 1st place Diamond OVERALL GRAND CHAMPION, Lyrical 1st place Ruby, Hip Hop 1st place Diamond
Pre Elite
Jazz 1st place Diamond OVERALL HI POINT, Hip Hop 1st place Diamond OVERALL GRAND CHAMPION, Lyrical 1st place Diamond OVERALL 1st place:) Swept the all overall trophies:)
Sr. ELite
JAzz 1st place Diamond, Lyrical 2nd place Diamond, Hip Hop 1st place Diamond OVERALL GRAND CHAMPION and judges choice:)
Production 1st place Diamond OVERALL PRODUCTION :)
Congrats girls!!!!

Extra Practice Schedule for April:
April 16th 11-12:30  North Star Academy for Sr. Elite, Sr. Co, Pre. Elite, Jr. Co
11-1:30  Sr. Elite @ the studio SORRY CHANGED AGAIN:(

Thursday April 28th @ 6:30 (girls be there completely ready by 5:30) @ Hunter High School.
Dress Rehearsals Tues April 26th 6-7:30 @ the studio and Wed. 27th  6-7:30 North Star Academy.

Spring Recess
Tues. April 19th -Mon April 25th ( I will still be holding the 3-4 yr old classes this mon. for makeup class:)

Extra practice for Tiny Divas and Divas 
On Mon. May 2nd Tiny divas and Divas need to come from 4:30-7 to be ready for there first that Sat. May 7th :)

Competitions coming up:
April 29th and 30th (Pre Elite, and Sr. elite only) Dance America Nationals Juan Deigo
May 6th and 7th Releve West Lake High School (ALL TEAMS)
May 20th and 21st Aspire Dance Pro Nationals Riverton high School (ALLTEAMS)

Bring a friend to dance day will be the week oy May 23rd-26th:)

Last day of dance will be Fri. May 27th . Try outs for next years Competition teams will be Sat. June  11th from 10-2p.m. :0) Tryout will only be for Jr. Co. Pre Elite, Sr. co, and Sr. Elite and any new students from the age 8 and up. Tiny Divas and Divas will be placed on a team, as well as girls turning 5.
Complete Schedule will be out June 6th along with fees and tuition for the 2011-2012 year, and summer class dates:)
Thanks Taralee