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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Party this Friday at my house! For all girls, please everyone be there so we can also work on new finale dance for the Recital.Party will be from 7:30-9:30.

Reminder to get a costume for this dance it can be something from your closet, or something you want to buy. It needs to be red, black, and white.

Price list for next year, and payment schedule.

Hip Hop-$65
Total $305+ tax

Music cutting fee-$20
Picture Fee-$15
Recital fees-$20
Choreography fee-$15
Registration fee-$10
Total $80

Competition fees
3 competitions 4 dances at each ($15 per dance)
Total $180

Grand Total $565

Costumes fees payments($305 + tax)
June 15th $105 due
July 13th $105 due
Aug. 17th $105 due

Miscellaneous fees $80
Sept. 8th $80 due

Competition fees $180
Jan 14th $90
Feb 14th $90

I will not set up different pay schedules, the payments must be paid on the dates listed or your daughter will not be able to come to dance until paid in full.

We will not be holding try outs this year. I already know where your daughter will be, I will send home class assignments at the recital. I will not have a Jr. Co. or a Jr. Elite this year

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