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Monday, August 31, 2009


Welcome back, I can't believe summer is over! It's time to put on our dancing shoes again:) I'm so excited to start our new little girls, and of course my older girls.
Please check the blog every 1st of the month, as well as the middle, there may be times where no info is needed.
I will also send monthly emails, and text messages for reminders, but all info will always be on the trusty ol blog. I will only be sending home notes when necessary.

Please fill out registration papers A.S.A.P. (These will be sent home this week.)
Tuition is due by the 10th, if money is late add a $10 late fee.
Please pay fees on time or your daughter cannot come to class. (This will be enforced.)

Class Schedule
4:30-5:00 Tiny Divas $20 month
5:00-6:15 Divas $40 month
6:30-9:30 Sr. Elite (big and smalls)$75 month

4:30-8:30 Extreme Elite $75 month (we will be changing this class name)

4:30-9:30 Sr.Elite $75 month (big and smalls)

Fees due
Tiny Divas, and Divas $50 due September 15th
Extreme Elite, Sr. Elite $105 was due in June, July, Aug, Sept.
(If you have not paid Aug. this is due A.S.A.P.
September payment due the 15th

Our first performance will be The Festival of Trees Dec 2nd @ 2:50 p.m. (all classes)
Recital date will be posted soon.

Practice sheets will be sent home next week, practice PLEASE!!!!! I will send home practice music , and we will have a day where you can come record the dance so they can practice at home;)
Your daughter should be doing her splits every night.

I'm so excited for another amazing year, thank you for putting your trust in me to teach your precious girls!Email me with any concerns or questions
Love you all Taralee

1 comment:

Brynn said...

hello, my name is brynn and i am looking for somewhere to take dance and i really want to i have taken it before but i moved here annd we havent found a place to take dance im 12 and natalie barker is my friend and told me about you guys and your blog soo...... just comment back and that would be great if i could take dance there oh and i also know a few other kids that you have so thx!!