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Monday, March 29, 2010


Congratulations girls!
Here are the results:
Tanesha and Shelby's duo 1st place & overall hi point
Kaitlin and Abbi's duo 2nd place
Tanesha's jazz queen- overall hi point
Tanesha's Lyrical queen
Shelby's solo 1st attendant
Jessica's solo 2nd attendant
Ashley's solo queen- overall hi point
Brinley's solo queen
Amazing! we got 3 overall high points and we only had 7 solos.


Extreme Elite
Let It Rock- jazz- 1st place
From a distance-lyrical 1st place
I'm a Shine-hip hop 1st place/ overall grand champion / amat./inter.

Sr. Co.
Sweet Dreams-jazz- 2nd place
hip hop 1st (Boom Boom Pow)

Sr. Elite
Man in the Mirror-lyrical 1st place /overall 1st place /Jr. adv
One- lyrical 2nd place
Faith-jazz 1st place
Boom Boom Pow 1st place

Fun House 1st place/ overall 2nd place

So excited to get ready for May 1st.

PARENTS REMINDER RECITAL APRIL 19th and 20th Hunter High School.
(Scroll down for all info)

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