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Monday, April 26, 2010

May Newsletter

Girls that danced at the Revolution footall game you can see your photos at revolution
Dance Celebration May 1, 2010 Kearns High School, 5525 S Cougar Lane, Kearns, Utah

The following information is the final schedule for Dance Celebration.

Auditorium Mini Amateur Jazz 9:07 AM #326 "Be Our Guest "
Auditorium Mini Amateur Jazz 11:16 AM #370 "My Boyfriends Back"
Auditorium Professional Advanced Showcase 11:36 AM#377 "Fun House"
Auditorium Junior Amt-Int Lyrical 1:31 PM #396 "From A Distance"
Auditorium Junior Amt-Int Jazz 2:02 PM #401 "Sweet Dreams"
Auditorium Junior Advanced Lyrical 2:44 PM #415 "Man In The Mirror"
Auditorium Junior Amt-Int Jazz 3:09 PM #423 "Let It Rock"
Auditorium Junior Amt-Int Hip Hop 3:30 PM #432 "Im A Shine "
Auditorium Teen Advanced Lyrical 5:05 PM #448 "One"
Auditorium Teen Advanced Jazz 6:19 PM #475 "Faith"
Auditorium Teen Advanced Hip Hop 7:31 PM # "Boom Boom Pow"

Tiny Divas arrive @ 10:10
Divas arrive @ 8:10
Extreme Elite and Sr. Elite arrive @ 10:00 (for clown makeup)
DON'T BE LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parents have to pay to enter the Competition, dancers are free but must have a wristband. I will give these to the girls when they arrive I will be waiting at the door so.... DON'T BE LATE!
It is a very busy day for me and I will only wait for 10 min for each set of girls so..... DON'T BE LATE!

We have a set dressing room, but will not know where it is until Sat. morning. If you can not find me ask the registration table where Maximum Dance's dressing room is located, one of the workers will guide you where we are.

Saturday - Team Competition Begins Auditorium – 8:00 am
Saturday - Mini – Production Number Awards - 12:00 pm (Tiny divas and Divas awards and production awards) Little ones can leave after awards!
Saturday - Junior Awards - 3:45 pm
Saturday - Teen – Elite Teen Awards - 9:15 pm


Where: South of Oquierhh Temple
Times: 4:30-4:50 Divas
4:50-5:10 Tiny Divas
5:10-5:30 Extreme Elite
5:30-5:50 WHOLE GROUP
5:50-6:10 Sr. Elite

What to wear: Jeans, black, red, and white, be creative...... lots of accessories! I will have some if you don't:) Wear make up, and hair however you want.

If you would like to buy a copy of the recital the cost will be $10 and I need this money by pictures Monday May 3rd.

The recital was amazing thanks for all your hard work I love you all.... Give everything you have this week end no regrets!

Tuition this month is the following
Tiny Divas $15
Divas $25
Extreme Elite and Sr. Elite $50

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