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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Welcome back everyone, all the classes are doing awesome.
Tuition is due for September.
We are ordering warm ups, the cost is $90, they are in the studio if you would like to come see them, and try them on. The $90 is due by Mon. Sept. 27th. I highly encourage all the comp girls to order these. Moms can purchase a jacket for $50. (this includes embroidery)
I'm sending home order forms this week.

I'm also sending home an order form for hot pants, and the unitard I want everyone to order. The hot pants are $14.00 and the Black  hot pants unitard is $23.00.  I want every comp. girl to order the Black hot pant unitard for practice, and extra practices.You can get these items embroidered, I'll send home a separate order form with prices, when they arrive. :0) (They take about 2 weeks for delivery) Please have this order form and money to me by Sept. 27th as well.

I will be selling shirts, hoodies for moms, daughters, next month..... :o)

Thanks for all you do, please have your daughter practice at home.
Love Taralee

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