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Monday, June 6, 2011

Results! :)

Wow darling girls, and BOY (yay)!!!! Is all I can say.
Tiny Divas(amateur)
1-Adeline Devany
3-Charlee Bishop
4-Ashlyn Johnson
5-Mia Angeletti
6-Paige Bengtzen
7-Riley Elierts
8-Sloane Booth
9-Emma Ladue
10-Hailey Nygard
11-Emme Clegg
12- Wesley Hunt :)
Divas 1(amatuer)
1-Reagan Stott
2-Amanda Lindquist
3-Sophi Lewis
4-London Nordick
5-Brindee Bennett
6-Ashlyn Smith
7-Taylor Willden
8-Kennedy Johnson
9-Taya Olsen
10-Morgan Eldredge
11-Alayna Pulley
12-Lexi Wheatley
13-Halle Almond
14-Halee Mecham
15- Kylee Kener
Divas  (amatuer/intermediate)
1-Chloee Lowrance
2-Cambree Bennett
3-Victoria Welker
4-Belle Young
5-Mckenzie Harris
6-Brinley Wittke
7-Halle West
8-Madi Davis
9-Riley Peterson
10-Logan Eldredge
11-Cierra Perschon
12-Thailee Gunn
13-Harlee Mclachlan
14-Hallie Lowrance
15-Alexis Shaver
16-Halle Hathaway
17-Abbie Young
Try outs were awesome I'm so excited to start teaching these little ones! Thanks for choosing Maximum:)
See you all at Registration this Tues-Thurs 4-5:30.
There is a technique class this June for Tiny Divas, Divas1, and Divas2.
1 hour Ballet, 1  hour Jazz technique.
Starting June 16th-July7th. Thurs from 4:30-6:30. cost $50.
Sign up at Registration.
Tuition Prices:
Tiny Divas- $50
Divas 1- $60
Divas 2- $60
Competition fees (scroll down)
Thanks Taralee
Email me with any questions

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