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Friday, August 5, 2011

Fall Schedule and info!

3-5 year olds info scroll down
Info for Tiny Divas, Divas 1&2, Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. Co. 1&2 Sr Elite:
Welcome back dancers, and parents I'm excited to start dance this year! The following info is important for the next dance season please read all info

I will be holding a brief parents meeting in every class the first week of Sept. more info coming soon.
I will update blog by the 5th of each month, check the blog EVERY month.

Dance will begin Thurs. Aug 18th. (No dance Labor Day)
I need to have all installments paid by Aug 18th!!! If they are not caught up in full. I'm sorry but your daughter cannot dance this year. I have been to nice in the past and has left me scrounging up payments after they are past due. Leaving me stressed and upset. I WILL NOT pay for your daughters costumes this year. I will not even do a late payment on fees. Your daughter will simply not dance.

Also DO NOT park in my drive way or the front of my house. You must park on the west side of my house on River Heights Dr. NO EXCEPTIONS! It has been a major safety issue with parents almost running into my neighbors cars, and hitting kids!

You may come and watch your daughters last class of the night the last 15 min. of class, the first week of the month.

Tuition is due by the 7th of each month, or $5 late fee (add this on or it will be returned to you) if tuition is not received by the 15th, your daughter will not be able to participate in class.

Parents if you have questions or concerns email me or you may text me.

Ballet attire- your daughter must have pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and black leo. If she does not come dressed she will stretch the whole class.
Hip Hop- bring tennis shoes.
Hair must be pulled up in all classes.
I will be selling dance clothes at a discounted price if you are interested.

Do not come upstairs in my house for any reason, I have had a few issues with moms trying to come upstairs.
Solos- If you are interested I will be doing most of these in December.
There will be no dance in December meaning no tuition:)  But there will be another installment due in Dec.
Recital will be the first week of December. Date TBA
Recital fees $15 per girl (do not pay this now)

Fees due by Aug. 18th
Tiny Divas, Divas 1&2-with out production $150
With Production $250
June $100 (with prod) $75 (without)
July $100" $75
Aug $50 or $0

Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. So. 1&2, Sr. Elite  fees due $350
June $100
July $100
Aug $150

Fall Schedule begins Thurs. Aug 18th.

4:30-9:30 Elite/ Pre Elite

4-5 Tiny Divas
5-7:30 Divas 1/Divas 2
7:30-9:30 Ballet/Jazz Technique Sr. Elite/Sr. So

5-6:30 Pre Elite/Elite Jazz/Ballet Technique
6:30-9:30 Sr. Co

4-9:30 Sr. Elite

2-3 Tiny Divas Ballet/Flexibility
3-4 Divas1 &2 Ballet/Flexibility
4:15-5:15 Pre ELite/Elite
5:15-6:15 Sr. Co. Sr. Elite

Tiny Divas $25
Divas1&2 $30
Pre Elite, Elite Sr. Co 2 $50
Sr. Co. $45
Sr. Elite $55

Tuition Prices for 2011-2012
Tiny Divas $50
Divas 1&2 $60
Pre Elite $100
Elite $100
Sr. Co. $90
Sr. Co. 2 $100
Sr. ELite $110

INFO FOR 3-5 year olds class:)
Class will begin Tues. September  6th
If you have not filled out Registration papers they will be sent home at this time, please return them A.S.A.P.
Costume fee of $70 will be due Sept. 6th.
Class times: Tues morn 11-11:45 and Tues. afternoon 3-3:45

Parents will only be allowed to stay and observe class the first Tues. of the month.
The 3-5 yr olds will perform at our Christmas, and Spring recital.

Our Recitals will be in December (beginning of month) and April (end of month)
Your daughter will need black ballet shoes, and black tights for there recitals.

There will be no dance in December so no tuition:)
Recital fees are $15 due in Nov. and April. (do not pay this til then) I will let you know the dates these are due.
Please send your daughter in Dance attire, and take her potty before class:)

Tuition $25
I'm so excited to teach your little ones, thanks for trusting me with these little sweeties!
Please email me with any questions you may have
Thank you Taralee=o)

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