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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Extra Practice Schedule for November/December:

North Star Academy address 2920 W 14010 South (Extra Practices)
Hunter High School 4200 South 5600 West (Recital)

"Lil Peanuts" Production Practice schedule:
Sat. Nov 5th 10-12 @ North Star Academy
Sat Nov 12th 10-12 @ the studio
"Mad House" Production Practice schedule:
Sat. Nov 5th 1-3 @ North Star Academy
Sat. Nov. 12th 1-3 @ North Star Academy

There will be no classes held from Thurs Nov.24th-Thurs. Dec1st
The reason for this is, I will be holding class for the first week in Dec. and will not be charging tuition in Dec..... and of course Thanksgiving!

-Mon. Dec. 5th 5-9 p.m. Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. Co's, Sr. Elite @ the studio
-Tues. Dec. 6th 6-9 p.m. All teams @ North Star Academy (3-5 year olds will not come to this rehearsal we will have regular scheduled class 11-11:45, and 3-3:45 @ the studio)
-Wed. Dec. 7th 6-9 p.m. All teams @ North Star Academy (3-5 year olds come from 6-7 p.m.)
-Thurs Dec. 8th Dress rehearsal @ North Star Academy, bring costumes we will hold a full dress rehearsal (makeup and hair required) 6-8:30
-Our Recital is Friday December 9th @ Hunter High School @ 7:00 p.m. "Nightmare Before Christmas" (Girls need to be completely ready and arrive at the school @ 6:00)
Recital fee is $15 per dancer, this is due Nov. 21st, the admission into the recital is free. I know this is alot of preparation, but I have more students and want the Recital to run smoothly! I think you will be very impressed with the dancers, I've been thrilled. We have the most beautiful, and hard working girls, and boy. (Wesley)

Payment schedule:
There will be no tuition in December however there is a $80 instalment due Dec. 15th for Comp. fees for (Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. Co. Sr. Elite)

 Our annual Christmas Party will be Friday Dec. 2nd 7-9:30 place TBD, please bring something to share, last name beginning with A-L bring dessert, last name beginning with m-z bring chips, or snack. I will provide drinks and, utensils. More info coming soon.

Solos- I will only be doing solos in December, so please get in touch with me and schedule a time. Solos $125, this includes 2, 1 hour sessions, cut music, any time needed after that $30 an hour.

I will be selling some darling dance clothes, and parent hoodies, and shirts just in time for Christmas I will send order forms home:)

Yup you heard me.... it's time!
Practice schedule:
Mon. Nov. 14th, Tues. Nov. 15th 9:30-10:15
Mon. Nov 21st 9:30-10:15
Mon. Dec. 5th 9-10p.m.
Please come to at least 2 practices!! I love the dads dance, who am I kidding EVERYONE DOES!!!
Be there or be square. All practices are @ the studio.

I can not Thank you all enough for dancing at Maximum! I love your girls, and Boy;) so much. Any question or concerns please email me
Love, Taralee :0)

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