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Monday, January 2, 2012

January Newsletter!

Welcome back, and Happy New Year! Our Christmas Recital was a great night, thank you for all your hard work. I will be holding a parent meeting the last 10 min of class to discuss Las Vegas, and competitions. I will also hand out Solo packets, if you are doing a solo.
If anyone has a connection with Hotel rooms in Vegas call me this week. While in Veas I'm going to try and go to the Celine Dion Show, anyone that is interested I'll need to get tickets by Feb. 2nd. it's AMAZING Ive seen it 3 times!!!!
Jan 30th~ Pre Elite, Elite.
Jan 31st ~Tiny Divas, Divas 1&2
Feb.1st ~Sr. Co
Feb 2nd~ Sr. Elite

Installment Schedule
Tiny Divas, Divas 1&2
Jan,15th $109 due for Competition fees.
This Installment must Not be late. I will not register your daughter until this is paid. (Some Comp. have a late fee that you will be responsible for)

Pre Elite, Elite, Sr. Co, Sr. Elite
Installment Schedule
Dec. 15th $80 (This is Late if you have not paid this by Jan 15th your daughter will not get to compete @ the first comp) Please pay A.S.A.P.
JAn. 15th $100
Feb. 15th $79

I will have the extra practice schedule done by this Fri. please check the blog, I will also send one home. Extra Practices are MANDATORY.

No Dance Mon. Jan. 2nd, Mon. Jan 16th.
Your daughters should be practicing at home. (SOLOS TOO) Every girl that practices not only improves, but will motivate the team to practice:)

I will pass out Christmas Dvd's this week, the Dvd turned out awesome!

I'm so excited for Comp. season, we will have a great year!

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