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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recital Line up and checklist

3-5 yr olds- black pink costume, black tights black ballets.

Production for Lady Bugs, Tiny Divas, Divas 1:
Brown Leo (gingerbread) Brown hot pants, tutu safety pinned to bum, white gloves, red bow tie.

Lady Bugs:
Jazz- Blue dress, tan tights footundeez
Hip Hop- Black leggings, white polo, blue jacket, combat boots.

Tiny Divas:
Jazz- Purple polka dot dress, tan tights, footundeez
Hip Hop- leggings, white tank, vest, boots.

Divas 1:
Jazz- Red, Black unitard, Red jacket, tan tights, footundeez
Hip Hop- Denim top, sweats, scarf, boots

Jazz- Striped unit w green tutu, gloves, hat, suspenders, tan tights, footundeez
Hip Hop - Leggings, whit tank, Pink jacket, boots, scarf

Jazz- Black flapper dress, head band, gloves, choker, tan tights, footundeez
Hip Hop- Coral jacket, white tank, white sports bra, black leggings, leg warmers, boots

Sr. Co:
Jazz- Black dress, sports bra, tights, footundeez

Sr.Elite/Sr. Co:
Hip Hop- Mint jacket, sweats, boots, black tank

Sr. Elite:
Jazz- Turquoise dress, tights, footundeez

Jazz- Silver unitard, tights, footundeez
Hip Hop- Sweats, Black shirt, levi vest, boots

Production, for Elite, divas 2:
Red and Black dress

Production for Sr. Co, Sr. Elite, Prodigy:
Black sparkly uni, w tutu attached

Recital Line up
1- Dads Dance "Gangham Style"
2- 3- 5 yr olds "Holly Jolly Christmas"
3- "Titanium" Prodigy
4- "Super Bass" Lady Bugs
5- "Outta Your Mind" Sr. Co/ Sr. Elite
6-"Want U Back" Tiny Divas
7- "Make My Dreams Come True" Divas 2
8- "Technologic" Elite
9- "Maneater" Sr. Co.
10-"Speak No Americano" Elite
11- "International Love" Divas 2
12- "This Instant" Divas 1
13- "Call Me Maybe" Lady Bugs
14-"With or Without you" Prodigy
15- "Workin Day and Night" Divas 1
16-"Do you Love Me" Tiny Divas
17-"Paradise" Sr. Elite
5 min Intermission
18- "Secrets"
19-"Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" Tiny Divas, Lady Bugs, Divas 1
20- "Sweat Dreams"
21-"Wikked Lil Girls" Divas 2, ELite
22- "Thriller"
23- "Finale" Everyone

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