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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March newsletter

I booked 18 extra rooms at Amercas Best Value Inn for St. george Comp. LMK ASAP if you would like one! Rate $80 a night

Thurs. March 7th dance schedule has been changed:
Elite 6:30-9:30
Sr. Elite 4:30-6:30 (Sr. co. Hip hop 5:30)

10-11 Tiny Divas, Lady Bugs
11-12 Divas 1, Divas 2
12-1 Elite, Sr. Co
1-2 Prodigy, Sr. Elite
2-3 solos
Do NOT be late for this practice, we are spacing on the floor.

Sat. March 9th.... I will not need any help this day, everything is taken care of! Thanks for your willingness to help!! ;)

Monday March 11th ALL dancers in Production:
MANDATORY Production run through Mon March 11th 5:00-6:00  @North Star Academy. All dancers in Production MUST attend! Again Do not be late!!!
Sr. Co/ Sr.Elite/Prodigy/Elite will stay @ North Star until 9:30.

PRODIGY/ELITE/SR.ELITE are performing at Herriman High Drill ShowcaseThurs. March 14th @ 7 p.m.
Elite- JAzz (Black Sparkly costume, gloves, choker, feather, tights, footundeez)
Sr. Elite- Lyrical (blue dress, tights, footundeez, black hot pants)
Prodigy- JAzz, Hip Hop, (silver costume, uni under, tights, footundeez, black sweats, combat boots, black shirt, vest)
Hair- bubble bangs, high sock bun.

Prodigy.Sr. Elite/Elite will have practice that day from 4:30-6:30@ North Star, have hair and makeup performance ready for practice!!

Competition info:

Friday March 15th Prodigy/Sr.Elite  need to come to extra practice from 5:30-6:30. Solos extra practice 6:30-8:30 $5 for this extra solo practice.

Salt Lake Community College 4600 So. Redwood Rd. Competition will be held in the Lifetime Activities Center (LAC)O
urdressing room will be in room #112
Admission cost $7 (no checks accepted) children under 3 free
Doors open at 7am AWARDS WILL BE AT 10:20 pm!! For solos, and teams!
Odd #'s face South Even face North
Your daughter will recieve a pink wrist band the week of Comp. If you loose this you will have to pay for her to get in. So please bring it to the comp. place on RIGHT WRIST!!

Lineup: MArch 16th
solos will be in the morning if you want to come support that would be awesome 1st solo is at 8 am.
All dancers must be at the College @ 2:40, except for Lady Bugs you will need to arrive @ 2:15.Meet in dressing room.
#7 Lady Bugs JAzz
#12 Production
#17 Tiny Divas JAzz
#20 Prodigy Cont.
#23 LAdy bugs H/H
#28 Sr. Elite Lyrical
#35 Tiny Divas H/H
#41 Divas 1 Jazz
#53 Divas 2 H/H
#58 Divas 1 H/H
#63 Sr. Co Lyrical
#66 Prodigy Jazz
#71 Divas 2 Jazz
#74 H/H
#79 Sr co. Jazz
#90 Elite Lyrical
#96 Sr. ELite JAzz
#102 Prodigy H/H
#112 Elite H/H
#125 Elite Jazz
 Parents if your daughter can not show you her routines with out help...  you need to come and record and they need to be practicing! It is not fair to the class if she is not giving 100%!
SOLOS you must know your routine by Sat. March 9th at practice. I will pass out extra 3 copies of music, in class the week of comp. DO NOT FORGET YOUR MUSIC!!!!!! This is your responsibility! Bring 1 extra cd in case of complications.


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Max Anderson said...

Wow, Your giving information about dance schedule is very nice. I have also joined the Jazz Dance Chicago