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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Schedule for St. George/Dance America

No Dance Thurs, Friday April 11th, 12th
Friday April 12th
2:00 pm Taylor Willden, Alexis Shaver, Hailey Nygard
2:30 Rylee Peterson, Maura Hunt
3:00 Sarah Goetz
3:30 Taylor Spencer, Trio Taya, Kennedy, HAlle
4:00 Alyssa Absey
5:55 Chloee Lowrance
6:00 Aidyn Eldredge
6:30 Brinley Butterfield
6:55 Aubrey Hunt, Tiff Christensen (JAzz)
7:24 Chloee, Brin. Ash
7:30 Natalie Barker, Kylee Terry
8:00 Ashley Lindquist
8:55 Tori, Brookelynn & MAckinley, Aidyn, Lauren
10:30 Tiffany Christensen (Lyrical)

Sat April 13th
9:00 Divas 2 Jazz
9:15 Divas 1 Jazz
9:30 Sr. Co. JAzz
11:15 Divas 1 Hip Hop
11:45 Divas 2 Hip Hop
1:30 Divas 2 Lyrical, Sr. Co Lyrical
4:50 ELite JAzz, Prodigy Hip hop
5:30 Hip Hop Sr. Co, Sr. Elite
6:00 Prodigy Contemporary
6:25 Prodigy JAzz
7:00 Sr. Elite JAzz
7:15 ELite Hip Hop
8:55 Elite Lyrical
9:30 Sr. Elite Lyrical

Visting Women's Locker Room
Maximum (Dressing Room)
Dressing Rooms: As usual it will be tight. The college is very particular about how these spaces are treated. Especially the Men's and Women's Locker rooms. Please remember the following:

No hanging out in the dressing rooms. Once your girls are finished dancing please have them remove their stuff so that others can use the space.
No food or drink (except water) in the dressing rooms: We will have people monitoring the dressing rooms who have been told to throw away any food they see. Please tell your dancers this.

No glitter spray

Please report any misconduct you see to someone on our staff...We appreciate all the help we can get

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