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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Charm, Glamour, Magnetic
Aspire Cottonwood High School May 6th (solos) & 7th (teams)
Dance Spectacular May 14th (solos, and teams)

Allure, Hypnotic, Prestige, Illusion, Enchant
Releve Saratoga Springs April 29th (solos) 30th (teams)
Aspire Cottonwood High School May 6th (solos) & 7th (teams)
Dance Spectacular May 14th (solos, and teams)

Recital is May 2nd, 6:30 PM @ Taylorsville High School
Invite all your family and friends, admission is free!
Recital fee is $30 per dancer

Listed below is the Competition fee schedule for each team. These fees MUST be paid on time.  Add $20 for a late fee if you pay late. 

Glamour, Charm, Magnetic:
 2 dances @ $35 per dance times 3 Competitions =$210
 Comp fee payment Schedule:
Jan. 15th $100 due
Feb. 10th $110 due

Allure, Illusion, Enchant:
2 dances @ $35 per dance times 4 comps = $280
Comp fee schedule:
Jan15th $150
Feb. 10th $130

Hypnotic, Prestige,
3 dances @$35 per dance times 4 comps= $420
If you are on Prodigy as well as these teams here is your schedule
Feb. 15th $100
March. 10th $120
March 30th 15th $100
April 10th $100

If you are on Hypnotic  and Prestige only
Jan. 15th $150
Feb. 10th $120
March 1st $150

Extra practice Schedule (MANDATORY!)
Illusion and Enchant ONLY
Sat. January 23rd 11-2 pm @NORTH STAR ACADEMY cost $8
Friday January 29th 4-7 @ THE STUDIO cost $8
Sat. Feb. 6th 10-2 pm @NORTH STAR ACADEMY cost $8
Wed. Feb 17th 4-6 pm @ NORTH STAR ACADEMY cost $8

SOLO MOCK COMPETITION MOMS MUST ATTEND Friday January 29th 7-8:30 pm and Friday Feb. 5th 4-6 pm @ THE STUDIO cost $5

Wed. Feb 24th 4-6 pm Allure only @ NORTH STAR ACADEMY I will not charge for this practice because I'm canceling the rest of the night.
Sat. Feb 27th 10-2 pm Hypnotic, Prestige only @ NORTH STAR ACADEMY we will be setting Lion King on the gym floor, you will be pulled from this dance if you do not attend! $8 per dancer.
I charge $8 per dancer for extra practices, this pays for school rental and the teacher instructing.
Hollywood Vibe Feb 19th and 20th
Prodigy girls MUST ATTEND
Payment due of $245 Jan, 15th due to Maximum Dance
If you are interested in the Convention and you are not on a Prodigy team check the link
All info will be on the website.
Minis 5-8  years old 1 day early registration Jan15th $105 late registration Feb 15th $115
Age 9-12 years old 2 day $245 Jan. 15th $245  late Feb 15th $255
13-14 years old 2 day $245 Jan 15th late Feb. 15th $255
15-18 year old 2 day $245 Jan. 15th Late Feb. 15th $270

Parent Meeting for Prodigy moms Sat. January 23rd at NORTH STAR ACADEMY 2 pm

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