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Sunday, May 1, 2011

COmPetiTiOn ScheduLe FoR SatuRdaY MaY 7th                   WeStLaKe HiGh ScHooL 99 N. 20 W Saratoga Springs 201 Baby Baby Baby Oh Mini Recreational 11:30 AM  Divas
205 little Shop of Horrors Mini Recreational 11:41 AM  Tiny Divas
210 Creeps Junior Novice 11:56 AM  Jr. Co.
216 Whats A Girl gotta Do Junior Competitive 12:15 PM Pre Elite
217 Toxic Teen Novice 12:17 PM  Sr. Co.
225 Bad Romance Senior Elite 12:47 PM  Sr. Elite
229 Don't Dream Its Over Junior Novice 12:59 PM  Jr. Co.
231 Insensitive Teen Novice 1:03 PM  Sr. Co.
238 Dream Junior Competitive 1:24 PM  Pre. Elite
241 Enigma Senior Elite 1:33 PM  Sr. Elite
244 Take It To The Floor Junior Novice 1:42 PM jr. Co.
245 Lets Get It satrted In Here Mini Recreational 1:44 PM  Divas
246 Pump It Up Teen Novice 1:46 PM Sr. Co.
249 Dynamite Mini Recreational 1:55 PM  Tiny Divas
252 Tricky Junior Competitive 2:03 PM  Pre Elite
254 2 Step Senior Elite 2:09 PM  Sr. Elite
258 Warrior Teen Competitive 2:21 PM  Sr. Co, Pre ELite, Sr. ELite, Jr. Co.

Divas be there  @ 10:30 (JAzz costume)
Tiny Divas - 10:40 (Jazz costume)
Jr. Co - 10:50 (Jazz costume
Pre ELite- 11:15 (jazz costume
Sr. CO- 11:15 (Jazz costume)
Sr. Elite- 11:30 (Jazz costume)
Please check your girls costume bags now, there may be items missing. Easier now than Saturday morning. Please make sure they are practicing every night this week:)
 Recital went great, great job girls:)

ALso great job Sat. at Comp. here are the results
Chloee Lowrance 1st place
Hailey Bennet 1st place
Hannah Mclachlan 2nd place
Maura Hunt 1st place
Aubrey Hunt 1st place
Jessica Jendryka 2nd place
Tanesha Bland 1st(jazz) 3rd (lyrical)
Jadyn LArsen 4th place
Kenzi Muterspaugh 3rd
Ashley Lindquist 1st , and Best Choreography
Aidyn Eldredge 1st place
Marlee Bruderer 3rd place
Kaitlin Bruderer 3rd place
Paige franks 3rd place
Abbi Liddell 3rd place Best Showmanship
Tiffany Christensen 2nd place
Pre ELite 1st jazz (best costume) 1st hip hop 2nd lyrical
Sr. Elite 2nd hip hop 3rd jazz, 3rd lyrical
Great job!

Tiny Divas and Divas have practice Mon. May 2nd from 4:30-7 to clean routines:) All other classes will be the same!
Thanks TaraLeE

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