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Monday, May 16, 2011

Nationals @ Taylorsville High School, Saturday May 21st

Competition venue has changed it will NOT be at Riverton, it will be at TAYLORSVILLE High School.
Taylorsville High School  5225 So. Redwood Road.
Admission to this Comp. is free.

Check in time for Saturday DON"T BE LATE!
Sr. Elite- 9:00 (Lyrical)
Divas-10:30 (Jazz)
Pre Elite- 10:30 (Jazz)
Tiny Divas- 11:20 (Hip Hop)
Jr. Co.- 11:30 (Lyrical)
Sr. Co.- 12:00 (Lyrical)

1- "Enigma" Sr. Elite Auditorium 10:10 
2- "Oh Baby" Divas Auditorium 11:30
3- "Whats A Girl Gotta Do"  Pre ELite Auditorium 11:40
4- "Lets Get It Started" Divas Auditorium 12:00
5- "Dream" Pre Elite Auditorium 12:10
6- "Dynamite" Tiny Divas Auditorium 12:20
7- "Little Shop Of Horrors" Tiny divas Auditorium 12:40
8-"Don't Dream It's Over" Jr. Co.Auditorium 12:50
9- "Insensitive" Sr. Co. Auditorium 1:00
10- "Warrior" Production Gymnasium 1:50
11- "Creeps" Jr.Co. Gymnasium 4:30
12- "Tricky" Pre Elite Gymnasium 4:50
13- "Take It To THe Floor" Jr. Co. Gymnasium 5:10
14- "Pump It Up" Sr. Co. Gymnasium 5:30
15- "Toxic" Sr. Co. Gymnasium  5:50
16- "2 Step" Sr. Elite Gymnasium 5:56
17- "Bad Romance" Sr. Elite Gymnasium 6:10

Next week is the last week of dance, it's also bring a friend to dance. I will hand out the summer/ fall schedule, tuition, and Competition fee's schedule.
Registration is June 7,8,and 9th from 4-5:30p.m. Registration fee $10 per student. I will be doing measurements so please bring your daughter.
Auditions for 2011-2012 Competition teams will be Sat. June 11th from 10-1(this is just for 8 years and up)  . The cost is $10 to try out. I will do a try out for ages 5-7 Mon. June 6th from 4-5:30.
This year has been GREAT!! Maximum has the best students and Parents!!! Love you all;)

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