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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Wow you girls did amazing! We won so may overalls I didn't keep a good count, so I just wrote down the ones I knew for sure:)
 Tiny Divas- Jazz White Diamond, Hip Hop -White Diamond (overall)
Divas- Jazz -White Diamond(overall Hi point) Hip Hop - White Diamond (overall)
Jr Co.- Jazz -White Diamond (overall) Hip Hop -White Diamond (overall) Lyrical- Pink Diamond
Pre Elite Jazz White Diamond (overall Hi Point) Lyrical- Pink Diamond (overall Pink Diamond) Hip Hop (overall White Diamond)
Sr. Co. Jazz- White Diamond , Lyrical -Pink Diamond, Hip Hop -White Diamond (overall Hi Point)
Sr. Elite Jazz -White Diamond (best choreography) Lyrical -White Diamond, Hip Hop- White Diamond
You girls did AMAZING! There were not many White Diamonds called (this is the highest one) alot of parents were confused! lol, But we got mostly White CONGRATS!!!!!

Also if anyone picked up a zip lock baggie with cords in it, one of the parents lost this please bring it to me.

Nationals May 20-21st the venue has changed it will not be at Riverton it will be at Taylorsville High!
I will post the schedule Monday, so stay posted.:) I love Nationals we always do our best, let's have so much fun!
Love ya TaRaLeE

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